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  1. Chris M

    Silverwood,Arrowhead to Big Bear trails

    How did your ride turn out? Curious how the guys on the XR650's did on some of those trails.
  2. Chris M

    More 449 reports from Europe

    Those Black & White models are dead sexy. When are they going to be available in the States ?
  3. Chris M

    50+ year old riders?

    X2 - I just turned 50 this summer. I dont plan to stop riding and enjoying what life has to offer till I go trail riding on Gods off-road course.
  4. Chris M

    standing vs. sitting

    I didnt believe it when I first started off road riding, but the Standing Position is definetly much more stable & safer than sitting in most conditions, as you are pre-loading the monoshock when sitting.
  5. Chris M

    Husky Memorial -- February 13th

    Hey Billy, You can count me in, that was a fun ride the last time we did it. Will be great to see you again. Just curious for those of us with fuel issues, would it be possible to hit J-Berg for gas and a burger at the White House and then doubleback to Camp B avoiding the Rands? Happy New Year ! Chris
  6. Chris M

    Last trip

    My desert season usually ends the last weekend in April. After that it's usually mountain riding in Big Bear for me when were not at the river.
  7. Chris M

    Anyone here from Texas or have riding info on Texas?

    Your wife must make a lot of money, to get you to give up riding. It would take a lot for me to just sell everything. Good Luck!
  8. After watching Reed take Stewart into the Tuff Blocks, and seeing CR try to take #7 out in a few other races that he couldn't keep up with him, I am positive Reed purposely took out Stewart at A1. I guess CR finally has come to the conclusion that the only way he can win when #7 is racing is to take him out. The AMA needs to suspend Chad Reed for a few Supercross Races before somebody gets seriously injured or killed.
  9. Chris M

    Hyde Racing Skid Plate

    Had one on my TC450 and it worked awesome.
  10. Chris M

    1st off-road ride 08 te510

    You can send your suspension up to LTR and get it dialed in for your size. You will be amazed once you get the Power-Up Kit installed, it's like a whole new bike.
  11. Chris M

    Loosing weight/weight watchers

    Weight Watchers will definetly help you reduce your calorie intake to help you lose the wieght. The problem with Weight Watchers and most diets is none of them say a word about maintaining the weight loss afterwards. If you want to stay healthy for life you must: 1. Eat balanced natural low fat meals. 2. Resistance Train to build/maintain lean muscle. 3. Elevate your heart rate 20-30 minutes per day. 4. Get the daily rest your body requires. 5. Keep your body hydrated with water.
  12. Chris M

    Scotts Dumper + HDB Handguards on TE310

    Does Scotts have a Dampner for the '08/'09 Huskies now ?
  13. Where the best place to go for tickets ? (I need 2 good seats)
  14. Chris M

    09 te 510?

    Yeah thats a great deal. That's a lot less than I paid for my '08 TE510 last year, which I will never sell.
  15. Chris M

    Decision time Husky Te310 vs Te510

    Even the TE510 is geared too low for fast fireroads. At 237 pounds I would get the 510.