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  1. Hard76

    Remove Hot Start Lever

    I believe this is the part number... 245. Hot Start Valve All 1166-845-2100 021-738 I pulled it off this pdf... http://www.sudco.com/Carburetor/SudcoKeihinCatalog.pdf From Sudco's web site. Their HQ is a half hour from my house so I just went by one day and they had em in stock. That was a few years ago, but they should still keep a few around.
  2. Hard76

    Remove Hot Start Lever

    My Husky 610 had the plunger type hot start right there on the carb. I never used it on that bike and I almost never use it on the 450. When I put on the left hand rear brake and finger clutch override I called up Sudco and ordered the "on carb/plunger type" hot start lever. Its a standard part that fits the Kehin MX FCR.
  3. Hard76

    crf450x street legal

    That is illegal. AZ and CA do not allow dual residency. If you get an AZ Drivers license you are an AZ resident. When you get a CA license you are stating you are a resident of CA. I think other states allow dual residency(I'm pretty sure TX does) but not these two. The only legal way I know when going the AZ route is the way my family does it. Our family has a vacation home in AZ. We register all our toys to that address and use our CA address's as the mailing address. We also all have AZ Identification cards with the vacation home as the address. When hassled by rangers or LEOs the standard statement is the vehicle is normally kept in AZ, but is home for a shakedown run and maintenance. Having an ID card is not a statement of residency. A DL is. The problem for your friend will come when the AZ Department of Revenue realizes your friend is not paying his taxes, audites him and he has to have some long talks with the CA FTB and AZ DoR.
  4. Hard76

    Thumb Throttle?

    My $0.02... I've grown up around both two and four wheelers and have become comfortabe with both types of throttles. Currently I have an 05 X for myself and an 08 YFZ 450 "for my wife." I'm no expert level rider, but I can blast both equally fast through the whoops of Johnson Valley and the hills of Ocatillo/Truckhaven. While it isnt the same exact technique or grip, you can feather the brakes while on the gas and keep control in a tight right hander. Heck the pros do it all the time. As to the vacum at WOT, single cable whining... The 450 quads only have one cable and dont run into that problem, why would a bike. If you are that worried put a stronger return spring in. Anyway, thats what the kill switch/clutch is for, unles you are like one of those toyota morons that cant throw it into neutral. That being said, I am going to be getting a Terry Cable dual gasser for the quad so that the wife doesnt get "thumb fatigue" on the longer rides. Personally on my bike with a rekluse I kinda treat my twist throttle like a thumb on the long technical climbs. I let the clutch slip in 2nd or 3rd and stab at the throttle to steer with the rear and maintain traction/forward momentum. In the end, do what feels right. If it works, it works. P.S. Judge the members at CRF's Only how you may, but Ken is a great guy. Dont let them ruin your view of his shop. Every time I go in there he stops what he is doing to make sure I get the parts I need, even if its as small as a few nuts and bolts.
  5. Hard76

    Suffering from arm pump? ... check these out! (LEG PEGS)

    Probably shouldnt say it in here, but its almost the same concept as riding a Blaster... When I go to our familys house in Bullhead we have a few quads for our guests to ride. Although Im a big guy(6'1" 260) I prefer the little Blaster cause I can wedge my boot and calf down on and between the peg and rear fender. I can ride the crap out of that little bike cause I almost dont have to hold on with my hands. Once I get a chance to dial in my new Scotts Damper, I might take another look at these guys.
  6. Hard76

    Plating a CA 450X in AZ - Pros/Cons? - How to do it?

    Got my plate right there at the Bullhead DMV. In and out in less than an hour on a Thursday mornin. I had a cobbled together dual sport kit, but the girl didn't bother lookin at it. One thing that made it easier was I first went though and got an AZ ID then went through again and got the title transfered and inspection. Walked out with my plate. I too have ridden all over So Cal without any problems from LEO's. Only close call, if you could call it that, was a Ranger at Baldy Mesa asked to see my motorcycle endorsement even though I was off road. No problem there as Ive had it since I was 19. After talking for a bit he told me he was going to go the very next month and get himself an AZ plate for his bike!!!
  7. Current... Little Bro in air, me on bike in background Old one... Took it in Maui Wife's... Also from Maui
  8. Hard76

    Help a guy decide... Damper or Power???

    Done and done
  9. So Ive got a few bucks burning a hole in my pocket and I cant figure out which hunks of metal I want to spend em on. Option A... Scotts Steering Damper with SUB mount. Option B... Camshaft with MRD full system. Problem is each of these has sub options to make things harder... Do I go with Applied 7/8 or BRP 1 1/8 for the sub mount? and Do I actually want a damper with RTC damping instead of free to center? OR '02 R cam or HotCam Stage 2? and Which setup from Dave? I know I dont actually NEED the extra power as I dont use all the bike offers now, but I do want a better sounding pipe. I also dont NEED a damper, but I would love more confidence in the many situations it helps instill it. My riding time seems to be an even split between just messing around at the local Vet track (Milestone MX) and playing scout for jeeps in Johnson Valley and Truckhaven. I know a guys powerband is a very personal thing:moon: , but any input on which overall route to take is much apperciated. Thanks, Chase
  10. Hard76

    Jumping a 450X

    Little Bro 250x... Me 450x... Landing Another... Sprung Right, Valved Wrong... Yeah, yeah I know I seriously need to bend my knees:bonk: I have done my own valving since these pics and it is a night and day difference. Factory connection is not "just $200" Yeah the labor for the valve job on one end is like 180, but the right springs are another 100 per end plus the other end of valving plus the seals and fluids and wear parts your looking around $750. It is money very well spent for most, but I couldnt justify spending all that money for a job that most likely wont actually match what I needed all without knowing how to fix things later and having to take it back to them to make changes. I did research and decided to do my own suspension and yeah it still cost me quite a bit, but the knowledge gained will pay dividends down the line. But Im young and have plenty of bikes in my future. You old men might as well just pay one of us youngens to take care of your suff for ya.
  11. Hard76

    AS Racing, Inc.

    You bastid:bonk: I wanted to get my head done by AS, but didnt want to ship it or drive it out to him. Actually I had Dave ^^^ do it and I couldnt be happier with the price and turn around. Im still saving my coins in order to get one of your pipes. I go to Ken's place on a semi regular basis and live just 10 min away. I guess I cant wait till my valves go out again. Now I have two awesome and reliable choices within 25 min of home! Congrats on the new shop.
  12. Right Crankcase $306 http://shop.thumpertalk.com/oem.asp?partcategory=533080&manufacturer=3&category=3&year=2006&model=12187 I just replaced the right case on my brothers old bike because the kick start broke the return stop. Its a different problem, but the same fix. Yeah you have to tear the engine apart, but for me it was FUN! It will be a bit more than just the case cost, you need gaskets and maybe a bearing or two if you biff them, but its a hell of a lot less than the 1100-1400 a dealer would charge ya. While he's in there depending on the hours it would be a good idea to change out the piston and rings, and a good excuse to put in a new cam, if he wants
  13. Hard76

    Who is running stock suspension??

    I rode around the desert for two years on the stock springs and didint have any problems. It wasnt untill I started doing more MX track days that I wanted more from my suspension. When I did change the springs it was a revelation. I knew from experience on the street that they make a huge difference, but it was more so on the dirt. And now since I revalved my own suspension things are that much better. I wouldnt feel that you HAVE to change the springs, but I would highly recomend it. Oh yeah I too am 260-265 without gear.
  14. Hard76

    first pro to rock an evs

    I may be the exception, and I probably shouldnt stick my head into this, but... Ive always used HJC helmets($250), Mid level boots ($150), and middle of the pack(pricewise) body armor. And it has all served me well through some pretty nasty get-offs. Heck right now Im recovering from a pretty bad highside that my gear took some of the edge off. I personally dont believe that price is directly related to protection. I do believe you get what you pay for, but some of that "value" is name brand or status recognition. I am excited to see how the evs holds up and even more excited that I may now be able to afford another level of protection I might otherwise have to go without. We have been riding bikes for over a century with out this device and now all the sudden one must be an idiot if they have a high dollar bike but not a leatt brace? Come on now
  15. Hard76

    DIY 04 450 Suspension Re-Valve!

    After thinking a bit, last night I did just that... I took a left over 27,28 and 29 and added them into the bottom in their place in the pyramid. It made just enough difference to get the nut to compress everything. I stopped by RG3 today and Factory Connection earlier this week and Ive now got everything to put my stuff back together this weekend. I just need to find someone to load me up on nitrogen once Im ready. Probly have to wait till monday to take it to one of those guys.