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    Any one seen these chinese knock offs?

    Me and a friend each bought one. We are both fairly inexperienced riders so these were a good choice for us. We have had them up in the trails of Mt. Rainier at Evans creek and we are both pleased with the performance of these bikes. We have ridden a few of the "More Difficult" trails and these bike had no problems pulling use through them. There were quite a few times where we had to get off the bikes and lift them through portions of the trails, but I think even quite a bit more advanced riders would have to do the same. Ironically there were no other riders on these trails which did tell us we were out of our league attempting to ride it. Nevertheless we made it through. These bike's are great for beginers and even the mid-range level riders that simply cannot afford to purchase the real thing. They have done the job for us, never failing to complete the trails we have thrown at them. The suspension is not the greatest as I have bottomed out a few times but we have put the suspension to the test by taking basketball sizes rock trails.