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  1. dirtkid651

    YZ woods set up

    I race both a WR450 and a YZF 250 and in some places I straight up prefer the WR in some areas. Sure the YZF is more nimble in the technical areas but if the trail opens up the WR would blow it away, even the WR250. I dont feel ANY weight difference at all between the bikes when I am riding. The YZF is better is the woods, to me, but it lacks in some places where the WR would make up. Just my 2 cents
  2. dirtkid651

    harescramble coming up

    also, drink about a quart of pedialyte the morning of the race. I do it before the races and it helps alot.
  3. dirtkid651

    woods conversion

    I had bought an '04 yzf 250 from a guy who rode mx, and I just put on the bike armor, exhaust and a 47 tooth rear sprocket. I left the flywheel and gearing alone and I'm as happy as can be.
  4. dirtkid651

    Dirt in oil!?!?

    that's probably it, we use silkolene filter oil. we got a rim gasket for my airbox, and it seals it perfectly. Only the filter oil has to be poured and dad sucks at pouring it so i think that might be the reason.
  5. dirtkid651


    Just go to decalmx.com and get some cutom ones.
  6. dirtkid651

    First race this coming weekend

    just dont lay it over and you will be fine . sucks to be kicking it when your exhausted.
  7. dirtkid651

    First race this coming weekend

    Which track has the record for sand whoops? I could almost swear that Athens has more. Anyways, If a faster rider comes up behind you and isn't in your class, let him by. No sense in the both of you going down if he makes a move and takes you out with him.
  8. dirtkid651

    First race this coming weekend

    Trust me, the TCCRA races are a little more forgiving than some series, depending which class you race in. Personally I've never been to Bonita but I hear it really sandy. If it's your first race, lay back on the start and go to have fun and get a feel for it. That's what I did and I even got 11th. A little trick though, drink about a quart of pedialyte before your race. It works really good and keeps me hydrated most of the race, no wonder the pro's do it. If you've got any questions just pm me.
  9. dirtkid651

    Harescramble Cheaters

    In our series we also use elec. scoring and a hidden cp, only it is set up a few minutes before the races.
  10. dirtkid651

    Please help. $500 to spend on mods.

    Would a powerbomb header fit the dr. d pipe?
  11. dirtkid651

    Big Bore kits

    When I send my bike in for a rebuild I am thinking about having them install a big bore kit. I've been looking at the Athena 290 kits but I'm not sure what all I would need. Obviously new valves and springs, since I am rebuilding, what else? Any pro's and con's would be appreciated, thanks to all!
  12. dirtkid651

    Please help!! Crisis during race!

    What would make it come out in the first place?
  13. dirtkid651

    rpm's cutting off too soon

    ^^^ pretty much
  14. dirtkid651

    rpm's cutting off too soon

    I'll rev it to the normal rpm's for the starts, for me is anywhere between 1/2 to 3/4 throttle, but it will bog and not give much more. Before I put my drd on I could rev a good bit more. It wont do that when riding, just on starts.