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  1. I ran the stage 2 kit from here for about 3 years- No issues whatsoever, and everything fit perfect. I did let my friend ride my 50 not too long ago and he flipped off the back of the bike with the throttle pinned causing no lubrication to get to the cylinder and seized it. Long story short I had to dremel the piston off of the connecting rod. I now run stock cylinder and piston with the larger carb and cam from that kit, and the power is not TOO bad. 88 kits are fun, but make sure you get a high volume oil pump, and I would recommend a manual clutch or at least adjust your clutch accordingly so it doesn't slip like mine did with my 88 kit.
  2. .6, no doubt. but after tear down .8
  3. I used to wonder the same thing. Then it got to the point where I watched all the videos so much I would pause them and check out the bikes. Most all of them run stock motors, and most everything else stock. Bigger bars and stiffer springs are usually the only mods.
  4. Snow is fun... i enjoy a few snow rides but it gets to be annoying. You have to ride totally different. Def an experience you need to have. In my experience the bike feels weightless.
  5. someone probably used the wrong bolt when putting the cover on. remove the cover and check the bolts. use one of the 3 bolts and just put silicone on it.
  6. Yep thats it. It was done to my bike. I just throw some silicon on mine before i out it back in and it fixes it. On the other hand not all my oil leaks out when i remove it, the first time it was a good amount but no where near all of it. Did you check your oil level after it "all" drained??
  7. if i have to change my tire i will. but the 10 inch wheels on my 50 are the WORST.
  8. when u make braaapp noises while riding
  9. how much did it raise it?
  10. Open this in word
  11. burning oil causes blue smoke. also did you change your oil? i change my oil after every rebuild regardless when i changed it last.
  12. he is saying that there is oil in his bottom tappet cover. i have an 88 kit and oil collects there on mine too. did u remember to put all the o-rings in between cylinder/block and head/cylinder? check your has to be PERFECT!!!
  13. well i loosened then tightened and it stopped the noise. maybe something was wack.
  14. same amount as normal .6 quarts
  15. if u loosen the the one nut under the bottom of the crankcase and tighten it that will tighten it up. not the oil drain but the other one.