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  1. R1man

    Sick CRF150R!

    I see him ride it all the time. Man some of you guys are real haters. Sorry it's not one of the standard colors. It's damned to be different.
  2. R1man

    150F problem

    clean the carb,adjust your float level,check the idle,etc.etc.etc
  3. R1man

    Klx110 Yosh Pipe Jetting

    i just put a two bros m6 exhaust on my sons 110 and they recomended 85 main 40 pilot and the needle 4 from the top. It runs perfect. no spitting or sputuring runs great. Later M.....Ps i also have a two bros air filter.
  4. R1man


    I just purchased a joker 37t rear sprocket. is this too big? i haven't installed it yet but i'm worried it may be too large. This is for my sons klx and i'm not sure if he's going to be able to handle all the shifting. Any input would be great. Later M
  5. R1man

    More klx/drz jetting questions

    thanks for the replys. I just ordered an 85 main and a 40 pilot. I also ordered a tb adj needle. I think the other main and pilot were a little rich. Again thanks for the feed back Later M
  6. R1man

    More klx/drz jetting questions

    thanks for all your help......&%$#@!
  7. My son has an 06 klx110 with a open filter kit, 90 main, 42 pilot, un corked exhaust(drilled and no baffle). The bike seems to run good. But i was wondering if i should put in an adjustable needle. Or adjust the air/fuel mixture screw. I'm in orlando,Fl so im not sure where im at as far as sea level. Thanks for any help....Mitch
  8. R1man

    How to ride a 4-stroke 101

    Don't try to start it like a 2-stroke. Nice and easy..crank it to top dead center and let it roll down. If you try to start it like a 2 stroke you will be worn out before you get to ride. Don't forget the hot start. Make it easy on yourself and have fun.
  9. R1man

    cool down my 05

    thanks for the feedback
  10. R1man

    cool down my 05

    So cooling seems to be a little problem. These are the things that seem to work. 1-1.6 rad cap 2-engine ice 3-maxima cool aide 4-bore out inside waterpump housing 5-boysen or pro circuit water pupm cover with better impeler 6-drilling holes in your radiator plastic cooling fins 7-vented number plate 8-keep moving 9-2two cool addative 10-dont run to much oil Someone please put this topic to rest and tell us newbie the real deal. I've only had this radiator spewing thing happen once. I was riding with my son who is 7 so it was stop and go all day. All knowing all seeing god of 4 stroke wisdom show me the way........Thanks M