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  1. I think we can close the books on this one. I ended up taking the carb apart and cleaning it and it seems ok now. I'm basically back to where I started but at least it runs and the off idle bog is a bit better after adjusting the fuel screw.
  2. Burned, Needle looks fine. Just to add to the mystery - I just bought the bike and the previous owner is the one who had installed the jet kit (and 3x3 mod). He originally had a 134 main but I went to the 136 based on a post in the jetting database. Also - when I took the top of the carb off after I got the bike, there was no large return spring! The bike was running ok when I got it except for the major off-idle bog. When I upped the main to 136 I also installed the big spring (he had what I assume was the original in his box of spare jets). I didn't think the increase in main size would affect it to this extent and I'm wondering if there could be another explanation (I rode after checking the needle last night and it won't rev past 1/4 throttle). I'll try going back to the 134 but have you heard of anybody running without the big spring on purpose? Also, when I had the carb apart I tried checking the float level. I flipped it upside down and measured from the float bowl case to the highest point on the float, which was towards the pivot. It was 13mm so I thought it was good. Just wanted to check that my procedure was correct and ensure that I shouldn't be measuring to some other point on the float. Thanks for your help - I'm sure there is a certain level of frustration in dealing with similar issues over and over!
  3. I'll check the retainer tonight. Yes I have the 3x3 mod. In the jetting database, there is only one post that is truly similar (i.e. Alberta, but It's a big province!) and I'm running what that person has.
  4. Hi Burned, I've noticed many jetting posts for around sea level and very high elevations. Not too many for the 3,000 to 5,000 ft range. Up here in Calgary, Alberta, we're at 3,300 ft but I'm told the "density altitude" varies between 3,500 and 6,000 ft depending on temperature (although I'm not sure if this factors into jetting recommendations). I have the 3x3 mod on my '04 DRZ S and have installed the DJ kit (otherwise engine is stock). - Air screw 2-1/2 turns - needle on 4th clip - Pilot is 25 - Main is 136 Bike idles and runs clean at low throttle but won't rev past about mid-throttle. I'm assuming the main is wrong but on web sites I've visited the description between too lean and too rich seem similar (e.g. hesitation vs bogging etc) and I'm not sure what I'm experiencing. I tried pulling the choke out while running (thinking if it was too lean, it would run better), but it just causes it to stall. Should I be going leaner on the main even though I'm only at 3,300 ft? Any ideas? Thx.