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  1. the AMSOIL 10W-40 is JASO-MA rated. a real bargain at 6 bucks per quart.
  2. yes, two bikes is always better than one.
  3. lets say you removed the float bowl, and then tell us which main and pilot jet you have in there. also while you have it opened up, why not have a look and see if the pilot jet is blocked? maybe you have some crud in the pilot, preventing idle? let us know what you find in there.
  4. if you remove the airbox snorkel, and pull the plug out of the exhaust nozzle, you should be just about right with stock jetting at 4 or 5 thousand feet. jets are very inexpensive, and the float bowl is easy to remove for inspection. see which jets you have in there and report back. enjoy the ride.
  5. how about an XR250 engine in a BBR aluminum xr 50 frame? or better yet how about a hayabusa engine on the back of a really big skateboard?
  6. i ride my XR daily, i live in alaska, and have found that synthetic lubricants help cold starting. currently running 10W-30, will change to 5W-30 toward end of november. about time to put the screwed tires on.
  7. well keep us posted, let us know how it runs as you break-in, etc. hope to have mine soon....... still waiting to hear from dealer.
  8. i am trying to be patient..... should be snowing here any day, and i can still ride my XR whenever i want.
  9. expect the oil smoke to decline after break-in.
  10. i dont have my SXF yet, but the word is that they get a lot better with a few hours of breakin. also idle mixture MUST be properly adjusted for starting ease.
  11. both good choices... what is your weight?
  12. i CLEAN my chain with WD-40, then LUBE the chain with 80w-90 gear lube.
  13. you looking to shave some weight, or is your steel broken?
  14. your 250 street legal? what gearing do you run?is it a pig on the road, or is it pretty snappy? i have been thinking of making a dualsport/commuter/adventure-touring XR250. figure i could pull maybe 75 miles per gallon, top speed around 80 mph, fit a 4 gallon clarke fuel cell, a Buell Lightning (dual )headlamp assembly, and maybe do something better with the front brake? what sort of lighting do you use?
  15. so will cr500 forks shave any weight off?