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  1. Hmmm, has all the smog stuff on it, catylitic converter in the exhaust, can't believe this thing isn't CA legal. Would have given you a great price on mine with less than 500 miles and all the mods done to it already......TW
  2. Again replace the seals also, the first time I replaced front wheel bearings I did not replace the seals and paid the price. One weekend of riding in a terrential downpore in TN left the trails with deep water holes and gritty mud, the bearings were shot again after that ride DOH! tried to get by cheap.
  3. Needs new bearings and while your at it get the seals also..........TW
  4. TW

    Bmw F650

    I had an 01 650 Dakar, was great for gravel roads and some light trail work/fireroad stuff. Living in the country on gravel it was perfect, and it is was a very capable street machine. I'll be looking at the 05 Dakars this summer and probably add one to the stable. As long as you keep the bike to it's intended purpose you'll enjoy it.
  5. TW

    Best grips for carpal tunnel

    I have also fought CT in my right hand, it was bad, left I could live with. I finally had open surgery on my right hand and it has done wonders, no more buzzing up of that hand. Another option besides grips are Anti Vibration gloves, the ones I use are Sammons Preston(company is Rolyan) gel glove, work great on the MC or Mtn bike. Also you can fill your bars with silicone or sand among other things to cut down on the vibes.........TW
  6. TW

    Project for Wrooster

    Got to go with wrooster and sunruh on this one. My previous bike was a 99 WR400, ridden several times weekly. Bought in June 99 the first and only rebuild on that WR was in January of 03, thousands of miles on that bike and the mechanic said it didn't look all that bad, it was a war horse. I believe frequent oil changes help also. Now my current ride is an 03 YZ250F, again it is ridden several times weekly, starts easy and I haven't had to touch it, still runs great. Type of riding, mostly trail with an enduro or two thrown in, may do a 262 kit this winter yet and change to kw valves........TW
  7. TW

    big bore kits

    Do a "search" of this forum as the topic has been discussed many times, prices vary depending on what you have done and which company......TW
  8. Couple of other options are the BMW F650GS Dakar, had one, loved it for light duty trail work, fire roads, gravel roads and rides two fairly comfortably. Or you could buy a dual sported Honda 650R, buy and dual sport one yourself, or find a 650L............TW
  9. TW

    my 04 250f on the ice???

    You can buy tires with the ice studs in them, trellborgs come to mind, or you can buy ice studs and do it yourself. Kold Kutter ice studs are listed in the back of cycle news, lastly you coud go buy about $10.00 of sheet metal screws, but they are not near as good as ice studs.
  10. TW

    Single Track yz250f or wr250f

    I have an 03 250f set up with a rekluse clutch and stock gearing, it is an absolute blast in the ST. My first ride with this bike in the spring was an enduro(pine ridge NW NE) I thought I would be fighting this bike since I had no time to set it up, basically stock besides hand guards and spark arrestor. The motor was flawless and smooth, suspension on the stiff side but a great ride overall. I came off a WR400 and I do miss the long legs of a taller 5th gear at times but otherwise I couldn't be happier. On the suspension side I went with a 5wt fork oil and the maximum air chamber and it works well for me.........TW
  11. TW

    Carb Question 99 WR400

    Thanks Jeff, I'll give it a try, if only I had my old 99 back to do a quic carb switch it would have made life simpler ............TW
  12. TW

    Rekluse Z-Start Clutch review

    I would have to agree with the evaluation, although not tall(5'8) I love the product. I put the Z Start in about 3 months ago and can't say enough good about it. Just came home from a ride in TN where it rained hard both days we rode, snotty conditions, the Z start made it a breeze and a side benefit has helped my hands from CT problems to some extent. I did however have to switch to CR fiber plates to get rid of excessive drag, it was a simple and quick fix...........TW
  13. Right off idle there is a glitch with this carb, it hickups and acts if it is not getting any fuel. Everywhere else it is fine. The bike is stock except for free mods, I don't believe this to be purely a jetting issue(could it be TPS, air jet etc.), it is an annoyance when trying to ride very slow speeds. We've cleaned the carb, adjusted the fuel screw several times, tried different pilots etc. Any suggestions.........TW
  14. TW

    BMW F650/Dakar

    I sold my 01 Dakar back in January, the machine was great but needed the cash for a new DB, I will buy another later this year or early next. I live 10 miles out in the country on gravel roads, my previous Shadow Ace was a pain on the gravel(don't even try if it rained), where the Dakar ate up the gravel and was an absolute blast. Used it for short trips(400 miles or less) and quick trips around town. It is a great bike for commuting, gravel, fire roads, I think it's a little much for anything difficult although I know some that do it. My bike did not have the any S&S problems, and with a little ingenuity the oil was easy to change(siphon). Good bikes, pricey to buy and maintain, good for light duty trail work(for me), great bike to experience the backroads on..........TW
  15. I've got it in and am down to putting the spring on the actuator arm(rekluse spring), do I re-hook the actuator arm spring also(first thing you unhook on install), or does that stay permanently unhooked...........TW