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  1. mxyves

    Whats the grey wire do??? Should I cut it???

    Are you sure only USA bikes come with the grey wire attached?
  2. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    I solved the problem Matty! Thanks for your effort on this! Let me know when you visit Holland so I can buy you a cheese.
  3. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    I raised the clip one more position; got better. Raised it one more after this; I think I cured the problem, although I can not tell yet since I ran out of gas after a 1 km half-warm drive. I'm gonna score some juice and trie it out!
  4. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    I just raised the clip one positition. It was positioned on the fifth groove and I raised it one position (it's in the middle now). I've made a testdrive but it didn't help a bit I'm afraid. Should I raise the clip one more position to feel the effect or should changing the needleposition allways give effect in the first place?
  5. mxyves

    Owner's Manuals Online???

    Thanks!! Big help for me. I also downloaded the YZ426 manual a while ago but I'm still searching the WR426-file. Did you see that one come around?
  6. No, they won't I'm afraid. Different brakecylinders and hoses. Sp the dual-brake solution wasn't an option aswell...
  7. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    Thanks for your update. I'm reprosition the needle. About the leaner needle; leaner like in less thick? What does it do more or less and what effect does it have anyway?(sorry I don't understand)
  8. I equiped my WR426 with a Rekluse set, lost the original cluth and placed the rear brake to the clucth position. There wasn't a dual brake kit available for a WR426 so I lost my braking light. My challenge; how do I get a braking light up and running now?
  9. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    I "lost" the TPS signal but it didn't solve my stuttering-problem unfortunately. qoute "Is the stuttering a popping/crackling sound or does the bike feel like it is running real rough/stumbling/cutting out?" When I pull the throttle 1/4th, it smoothly comes up to the max rev's for a quarter pulled throttle. When I slowly turn it then to 1/2 full throttle it starts to fall away like I would be pressing the "turn-off" button several times within a few seconds. The clip on the needle is now on position 3, which is half way up I think. Should I lower the needle and place the clip on the highest clip-position as possible to feel the effect?
  10. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    Air leaks? Where could I find an air leak on the bike?
  11. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    forget my last question. Great tool this "search" button.... I'll try it out when it's day again here.
  12. mxyves

    can't solve the problem!!

    Thanks for the updates! I'll disconnect the TPS-sensor first (easy job) and see what the bike does. I played too much already with the carb and it doesn't help one bit sofar. But what if it helps; losing the TPS-signals. No problem to keep it disconnected?
  13. Help me out here... my wr426f doesn't run smooth. on 1/4 throttle the engine starts to stutter. If i stay in this revelationrange it keeps stuttering. When in open the throttle wider, it stops to stutter and runs well. We've tried everything to solve the problem: new sparkplugs, cleaning the carb, needle adjust, jetting adjust, cleaning all electrial conections. Nothing seems to help. Does this sound fammiliar to anybody?
  14. mxyves

    dual brake kit for WR426?

    any idea where to get this set?