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  1. alpinerider

    KTM 250 SX won't start after fouling plug.

    I would say check your main coil wire, at both ends, the plug caps' end, first, then the coil's end. If the inner core looks suspect, clip 5mm wire off each end, spray some contact cleaner, tread the plug cap again, and most important, thread the wire into the coil receiver end, securely. Make sure the wire's ends are bottomed out, the connections feeling solid. You should definetly feel some resistence to any spinning movement. Today, I have chased a blubbering, plug fouling, overly rich top end condition all day long, on my 2006 EXC 250, which would not go away with smaller main jets. Checked the carburator float level, all vent hoses, then moved onto the reeds, air filter, ignition rotor, stator plate, black box, all of the wire connectors, kill button, top end compression,;everything I could think of, including the first suspect, the spark plug cap. Found nothing wrong. The problem disappeared only when swappin the entire coil assembly with another 2st. KTM, Kokusan coil unit. Turned out the main coil wire had sone oxydation in the recess areea, where it threads into the coil box. It did not look it had been neglected, stretched or pulled out; also, the rubber seal was still in good contition; but that one connection was weak enough to mess up the spark, and it did in the upper rpm only. Down low, the engine ran fine, started first kick all the time. Very frustrating, I spent hours spinning wrenches for nothing. I suggest you to start by checking the easy stuff first, then move to the more complicated, hard to reach things. Alpinerider
  2. I have installed a set of these ebay radiators on my 2000 YF 426 F, ant they seem to hold up well, so far. Some minor tweaking was needed when mounting them, and also a I had to use a new, smaller diameter hose on the crossover spigots. Other than that, the fitment was ok. Now my question is, does anyone know if these radiators are a cheap replica of the brand name, oversize radiators, like Fluidyne or others, or are they the real thing (I mean the originals, simply sold with no brand on them)? Alpinerider
  3. alpinerider

    wide ratio for cr 250 honda?

    There used to be a 4th and 5th wide ratio gearing kit available in Italy, for the CRE 250s, which are street legal CRs, equipped with lighting kits . I bought one for approx $200, a few years ago. They work fine, but once you gear it up with the sprockets for more top speed, the jump between 3rd and 4th gear is quite noticeable. They should still be available, and they also fit the newer 2002- engines, as far as I know. I believe that those kits are built in Italy, they are not Honda genuine parts. Ciao
  4. alpinerider

    Lowered foot pegs for 01 cr250

    Higher seat foam kits are still available for the 00/01, but also the 02-and -newer entire seat is interchangeable with the 00/01. Possibly the only chassis parts shared between the 2 generation models, beside the wheels, triple clamps and a few others. On the 00/01 a higher seat foam stretches the ergos quite well. On my 03 CR 250 I also had lowered the pegs by cutting the whole peg brackets off, re-locating and welding them into place. The taller seat alone was not enough to make more room, like it did on the 00/01. The most spread out ergos are found on the 97/99, anyway. From my experience, on all of the aluminum framed CR, a taller seat foam makes the ride much more comfortable, and forgiving. One of the most effective, inexpensive modifications. Ciao
  5. alpinerider

    Olins better than Showa

    When compared to the stock XR suspension components, the Ohlins shock probably provides more consistent damping, due to it steel body and closer tolerances. However the XR use older technology in both the forks and the shock. Those are trail bikes, equipped with trail bike-quality suspension. The CR/CRF Showa forks and shocks are at least as good as any aftermarket product, short of the unobtainium factory parts. The Showa 47mm forks expecially, it is possibly the best fork ever made.
  6. I believe tha Fud hit the nail in the head. Under the current exchange rate situation, the factory is most likely to first process the orders where they can make the most money, and ship/sell the early batches of bikes in the euro-currency countries. The TEs have started being delivered to the dealers in Italy a few weeks ago. Those might be the very first 2008 Huskies ever delivered. This was not always the case in the past. I bet that the new management will change his priority in the future, when the exchange rate will switch around. However, this is only my speculation. Ciao
  7. alpinerider

    FI updates

    Hi Balam, Watch out and be suspicious if you sense anything funny while shifting. One of my riding buddies almost grenaded a gearbox on his brand new 08 TE 510 a couple of weeks ago. It certainly will not be your case, but play it safe, anyway, and have your dealer take a look at it, right now. Bike was already uncorked at the time, and he was riding the hell out of it since day one, both on a mx track and off-road, when it suddenly started jumping out of gear. Eventually, his dealer found out that the shift drum had failed first, and it had caused one or more shift forks to bend or break off, and grind several gears in turn. Fortunately, the dealer got him a complete new gearbox from the factory, and installed it in no time at all. Not one riding weekend was lost. Great factory support, really professional service, he did not spend one dime, everything was replaced under warranty. Yesterday he rode it again, he had no problems, except that a few miles into the ride, the engine backfired and spit the FI throttle back out from the intake boot, just like the early 4 strokes of old. Maybe the dealer/mechanic had forgotten to tighten the clamp while putting the bike back together, whatever. Anyway, he put it back in while out on the trail, tightened it down again, and from there the bike ran just fine. Overall he is extremely happy with his new TE, suspension and handling wise, except that it feels a bit down on power whwn compared to his older EXC 525. But he is a really big, tall guy, and he rides an open bike like most of us normal riders can wring out a 125. Ciao
  8. alpinerider

    WR125 and trials tire?

    NWetRider, go ahead and put that trials rear tire on your WR125, right now. I've done it for years on my WR250, and now on my WR125, as well. I too was concerned on using it on a 125, because the trials tires work best when they are not spinning, with the engine lugging at low rpm, while the 125 powerband often requires clutch fanning and breaking the tire loose, to get or to mantain momentum. Regardless, these tires seem to work great on every size bike, from 125s to big 4strokes. Now, the ultimate thing in traction is adding a used, almost worn out, bib mousse to the trials tire. Just hit the rocks, any type, round, sharp, loose, planted, as hard as you can, head on, like when skipping across bumps on a mx track. No more riding around them, no more pinch flats. Also, a front trials tire is murder on slimy, wet rock downhills, however it's not as critical as the rear, that's the one making the biggest difference, overall. Ciao
  9. alpinerider

    Broken frame my BMW Xchallenge

    I've just seen this thread, I must say I am not surprised to see this happen. I feel sorry for you, Pharmertan. You surely had some financial loss, and you are right to rant. Also, this failure could have turned to catastrophic, if it went unnoticed and the frame would split open eventually, on an high speed pavement section or similar. Whatever, bmw never has been known for its technology in lightweight offroad bikes, and it looks like it's far from getting any close to it in the future. ALL of the bikes in its line, including the hp2, really are street bikes with some sort of dirtbike-like clothes, or bodywork. Colorful, yes, authentic dirt, no. Which is their best element? the autobahn.Period. Expecting that this new 650 be worth any good, for real world, off-road use, is like living on mars. This is the nature of these bikes, pure and simple. No kind of add-on mods made in this world, by touratech, by the factory, or else will turn them into something different from what they were made for. Should BMW really advertise this, no one would get hurt, no damage would happen. But unfortunately, this is not the case. What irritates me the most, is that the bmw dealers themselves have been trained to tell the customers that the 650 actually is a bike capable of hitting the trails AND even the mx tracks with jumps, on occasion, although at a casual, not race, pace. When walking into a bmw dealership nowadays, the sales rep standing next to the 650 typycally starts his conversation and brochure explanation routine by bashing the japanese bikes first, for not having enough personality, then the KTMs, for being a lower class brand, and so on. And also, they insist that their own bikes, with all that clever engineering are really worth the money. This makes me wonder if they have a clue of the existence of the new 450 prototype, which Joel Smets raced in the World enduros, or if the have heard anything about the new Husqvarna deal, either. In the end, BMW is irresponsible, when telling the public that their bikes are capable of something they can not, and will not do. Speaking of the 450 bike, I also question the innovative, swing arm pivot / countershaft design (which is meant to mantain a constant chain tension and to minimize the torque load to the frame). It has proven to be so ineffective, that Smets DNFd the italian WEC round with a derailed chain, the only part which ironically was not supposed to ever fail. The rounds he did finish, he got beaten by the same guys he used to lap, when racing the MX GPs. The question is, will ever bmw become a mayor player in the off-road market like their sales reps keep telling everyone? I believe, while KTM already has put a serious dent into the BMW sport-touring bike market, BMW will not be able do the same damage to KTM in the offroad business.
  10. alpinerider

    General questions about WR250 01 model

    I have cured the rattling pegs once for all, by installing a set of stainless,billet pegs made for a Suzuki RM. They fit just right, the angle is perfect, I only had to add a small, welded tab under the downside of each peg, to let them sit level to the ground. The RM stop does not exactly match with the Husky frame stop. I also had to make one pair of bushings, out of small diameter steel pipe, to keep the springs centered and taut around the pins. They are not as lightweight as the stock pegs, but they can take rock abuse like no other, and they do not wiggle a single bit.
  11. alpinerider

    WR250 piston-Honda?

    Yes, they are equal, to a point. I had ordered a replacement piston for my WR 250 from Athena a while ago, using the part no. shown in the catalogue, and they delivered a Wossner, forged piston for a Honda CR 250, I believe the one for the 1997-2001 model (flat top crown, with the intake port indentation on the skirt). When comparing the dimensioning and the wrist pin/ring land pattern of the skirt, there was only a small difference in the overall lenght, in the section below the wrist pin. I installed it anyway, and it works perfectly, like the stock piston did, when new. While the piston design may be perfectly compatible, though, the o.d. sizing may not, possibly because of some inconsistencies with the stock, WR cyl. bore. Before you place your order, if you decide to go with a Honda replacement piston, do a measurement of your own bike's cyl. bore. When I did, mine was SMALLER than 66.40mm, something like 66.38-66.39, and I had to order the smallest o.d.piston available, to guarantee the correct tolerance. If the bore on a used, most likely worn down cylinder, is smaller than the manufacturer's specs, this is a very uncommon occurrence. The Honda CR 250 cilynders never are smaller than 66.40mm, new. Their service limit is 66.43mm, and most of them,really are like that, when measured. Husqvarna cilynders should be the same in bore size, but evidently, they are not. My WR 250 cyl. may have been as small as 66.36mm when new, however I have actually never measured it, at that time. It's only a speculation. If I had used a std size Honda piston in My WR 250, typically a 66.35mm piston, it would have fit too tight, and it would have most likely seized. Athena / Wossner have 3 or 4 different o.d. piston options in their catalogue, the smaller sizes are available probably because of these inconsistencies. Maybe it was just my bike, but I suggest you to double check, before you decide which kind of piston to oder.
  12. alpinerider

    Power Valve Adjuster?

    Hi raisrx251. Once you have the pv governor assembly in your hand, and take it apart piece by piece, you can either put a spacer right under the spring, or put a smaller diameter spacer somewhere along the shaft, in order to place more pressure on the spring retainer cup. The result in terms of delay of the pv opening rpm is the same. I did use a smaller washer, the governor shaft must be either 8mm or 10mm or similar o.d., I cannot remember now. Finding a spacer this size seems to be easier. I found a std size copper washer of the correct dimension, which works perfectly. Just make 100% sure that the spacer you use, wherever you place it, does not wander around when the the gov goes cycling open/close. It must sit safely in place. No room for error. Remember that the entire governor assembly spins at the same rate of the engine rpm, less the gearing ratio used between the crankshaft and the water pump. After your governor assembly has been put back together with the increased preload on the spring, slide it back inside of the engine case, and engage the pv spindle again. Check that the pv has no slack, as it is easy to jump a teeth on the spindle gear. Good luck with your mods.
  13. alpinerider

    Tire question - Slippery wet rocky conditions

    I really meant to say ice studded tires. I guess "spikes" is the german name for studs.
  14. alpinerider

    Tire question - Slippery wet rocky conditions

    The only way I know for making wet clay riding into fun, is putting ice spikes on knobby tires. Ciao
  15. alpinerider

    Power Valve Adjuster?

    Zac, all you have to do let the governor assembly free, without removing the entire case cover, is to temporarily pull out the pv actuating shaft, (not the governor shaft) from its location. About 1 inch does it. No need to drain the coolant, nor removing the water pump impeller.The pipe must be removed, though, to ensure access to that shaft. To put in into other words, "devi sfilare l'alberino che trasmette il movimento alla valvola di scarico, di 2-3 centimetri.SandroMN". Ciao