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  1. is it just me or does a very high number of threads in this forum end up in a quad-guys, non-quad guys battle.. ? com'on post some 2stroke vids.!
  2. FJH

    Top 5 Favorite Riders

    1. Chad Reed 2. Jesper Kjær Jorgensen(danish rider.. ) 3. Nick wey 4. Brian Kjær Jorgensen(danish rider.. ) 5. kevin windham
  3. FJH

    Dallas R14 torrent.. NO SPOIL!

    thnx alot! where do u ride in sweden? i've bin to a small track called Skanör once!
  4. FJH

    RC vs. Bubba Vid.

    nice vid! i liked the intro
  5. FJH

    Practice Video

    the long vid was cool! didn't see the short one looks like a fun track! and then u can ride it in the evening.. weed.. also liked the sound!.. no music.. just engines..
  6. thanks again from Denmark! this is the only way for me to watch SX!
  7. thanks from Denmark! what would we do without you..
  8. FJH

    Biggest POS

    well.. i think kx500 looks ugly too.. but i would never dare to ride it
  9. FJH

    Check This Out Awsome Picss

    wow! he's coool! he dare to ride without riding gear! and no chest protector too! respect respect! uhh! and noo boots! hee's a smart guy!
  10. omg the first guy on the honda looks pretty darn fast! cool vid!