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  1. Scoobie

    XR200 Cam Chain/Timing Chain Replacement

    OK, I still can't get the pulse rotor to sit flush against the head - about 2mm all the way round. (feels like it's butting against the two bolts that hold the top cam on). With the 2mm gap everything still turns freely Filled it with oil etc and tried to crank her over with the plug in - quite stiff all the way round, but a real struggle when trying to get past TDC. Tried kicking her, but it's way too hard and the kicker just sticks half way down What's wrong with her:excuseme: Everything lined-up as it should when I replaced the chain, and I re-checked and re-checked just to make sure. The problems only started when I tried (?) to refit the pulse rotor. Any help appreciated as I'm at my wit's end with this and the next stop is paying some mechanic $80.00 an hour and I havn't got the money. Thanks,
  2. Scoobie

    Pulse Rotor & Ignition Advance Woes XR200

    Hi, Thanks for that. So I use reverse on my drill and use a normal HSS drill bit, or do I need to use one of the special bolt/screw extractor bits with my drill in reverse? Just thought I'd check. Thanks,
  3. Hi, I Just replaced the cam chain on the above - all the 'T' and 'O' marks lined up etc, and everything turned free'ly at the crank. I was on the last stage of installing the pulse generator assembly when I noticed that it would not sit flush to the cylinder head - the index notch located with the dowel on the camshaft but when the two screws were tightened it sits about 2mm proud of the assembly and won't tighten anymore. Further, when I then try and turn the engine over at the crank it's really stiff almost impossible to turn - what am I missing here. To top it all when I undid the bolt that locates in the end of the camshaft it snapped!!! It wasn't even torqued-up or cross threaded. I did notice it was a little 'off' when I removed it before the cam chain change, but totally forgot:banghead: It snapped about one third of the way down so there are some threads. I'm not going to try and remove it, but use a shorter bolt and loctite it for the time being (it's not under any load as such and if it fails the timing will just go out); I'll replace the cam on the next re-build. However, is there an esaier way of getting the snapped screw out - maybe drill and tap; although the bolt looks to be hardened steel. Any help on the above two issues greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  4. Scoobie

    XR200 Cam Chain/Timing Chain Replacement

    Cheers Guy's, Did the deed today with one little problem!!! - please see my other post.
  5. Scoobie

    XR200 Cam Chain/Timing Chain Replacement

    Hi, No, I havn't got a strap wrench and wasn't using an impact driver as I assumed that the flywheel would still spin with bolt, only faster. Is there some sort of way I could bodge together a 'strap wrench' Thanks,
  6. Scoobie

    XR200 Cam Chain/Timing Chain Replacement

    HELP!!!! I cannot get the bolt out of the end of the crank so I can use a puller. I try to undue the bolt anti-clockwise but the flywheel still spins. I went to the local motor factors and spent about 100.00 quid on various objects that might hold the flywheel, but none of them work - even a flywheel holding tool (no holes in the end of this flywheel to lock onto. I've even bought a an oil filter tool but it's not big enough to get around the flywheel. Any ideas? I've been at it for about 5 hours trying different methods. Thanks,
  7. Hi, The above was making a noise and when I loosened off the adjuster it eased but came back when I tightened-up the adjuster. I did a search and tried the mod suggested by removing the two 'collars' and filing the edges but it's still the same. Now I'm going to remove the flywheel etc to get at the rod to check for damage. However, whilst I'm removing all of the above I've decided to do the chain anyway. I've got the manual and had a quick look (will study more tonight!!!), but I have a quick couple of questions for you: 1). Is the nut on the flywheel a reverse thread? If it isn't then when I attach the puller and try to get it off, everytime I undo in the normal direction won't I just end-up taking the puller back-off? 2). I'm assuming I set the engine to TDC and ensure that 'O' mark on the cam sprocket is aligned with the index mark on the cylinder head cover before loosening the tensioner etc, and removing the chain. I'm just going feed the chain through as per the guidance in other posts. Is there anything to be wary off? When I install the new chain the timing will be all correct I assume. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Scoobie

    Fuel/Ignition problem I think????

    Hi, Thanks for the replies. Removed the carb and cleaned. Hesitancy still there - however when on the bike and I turn the throttle a tad there is nothing then it kicks in like a turbo. Occassionally backfires when I shut-off. The bike is warm and the valves have been checked. Thanks,
  9. Hi, From idle if I slowly rev the bike it stalls/dies, but if I give it a 'handful' it tries to 'stutter' then revs out. Any ideas? Thanks,
  10. Scoobie

    TLR200 Camchain Replacement

    Hi, I've got an 80's Seeley TLR 200 (basically the same engine as the same year XR) that has developed a rattle at the top-end and is hesitant off the throttle. I'm guessing that the camchain needs replacing, but the manual refers to splitting the cases's. Is there a way of doing it in situ? Is there a link anywhere for guidance? I did a search but came-up with zilch. Thanks in advance.
  11. Scoobie

    XR400 Mikuni Fitment

    Spent most of the day messing with it and have got it on about 8mm all round which 'll have to do for now. Not had chance to ride it yet, as I thought I'd kick the CRM over to run it and guess what - petrol just p*****g out the vent pipe of the float bowl. Guess another carb needs to come off and floats unstuck:foul: Cheers all.
  12. Scoobie

    XR400 Mikuni Fitment

    Hi, Yeah I know the lugs you mean now, I took them off when I first fitted the carb. Just tried again, but it's only in the left hand side by about 1mm, and no-matter how much I try it won't go in any further - the carb needs to come more to the left, but the throttle cable assembly's stop it as they hit the frame. One problem is the fact I've loosened the rear sub-frame, so I'm having to take the weight of this with one hand as I pull it forward, then trying to locate the boot with the other - is there an easier way? I thought about removing the whole boot from the airbox and connecting this to the carb, but I don't think I'll be able to get at all of the screws to re-connect it back to the airbox once it's all in place. Do you reckon if I attack the in-situ adaptor with a gas torch (heating it up) I could remove it, or do you think there's an easier way? Thanks,
  13. Scoobie

    XR400 Mikuni Fitment

    Hi, Thanks for the replies so far. The adaptor engine side is no-longer that the carb body on which it sits. The adaptor that should fit onto the airbox side will add around 1/2 - 3/4" to the length ensuring moremetal is inside the boot. I've tried to remove the adaptor already on the airbox side (I bought the carb from XR Stuff UK and I assume it's seperate from the carb body as it's shiny aluminium compared to the body), but it seems pretty solid. What lugs where do I need to remove from the engine side manifold boot? - that may help as once in the engine side it's pushing the carb to the right, so it's hardly seating on the left in the airbox boot.
  14. Scoobie

    XR400 Mikuni Fitment

    Hi, had the Mikuni on the bike for a while but didn't like the fitment of the carb in the rubber boots. Some helpful people on the site gave me some instructions on home-made adaptors. However, I wanted some more stuff from Al Baker's so ordered the adaptor kit while I was at it. Problem is the adaptor to the cylinder head boot slips on fine, but the intake adaptor is just the same diameter as the shorter silver adaptor already on the carb, so it just buts-up against it. Have they sent me the wrong size adaptor? Do I need - somehow - to remove the shorter adaptor already on the carb? Any help gratefully appreciated as I've been at the thing for three hours now trying to work something out:banghead: Many thanks,
  15. Scoobie

    Mikuni Pumper Fitment

    Hi, Thanks for the replies. Yes, pics and dimensions would be great thanks - I'll PM you my email address. Thanks,