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  1. Well, Its not the spark plug anyways. I bought a new one today but its still the same problem.
  2. Hi. I have a RM-Z 250 -04 and I'm having some difficulties starting it. I do not race the bike I just have it and ride it for fun. This is my first 4-stroke bike so my knowledge is very limited. The bike worked just fine 2 weeks ago and I havent used it since. Now it won't start at all. The only thing I've done since then is emptying the fuel tank (I didnt empty the carburetor) and cleaned the air filter. Today checked valve clearance and they are within the limits specified in the manual (inlet 0.10mm~0.15mm, mine is R 0.12mm and L 0.14mm... outlet 0.17mm~0.22mm, mine is R 0.19mm and L 0.21mm). I have also checked the jets and the rest of the lower parts of the carburetor (though not the top end of it). I have checked the sparkplug and it gives a nice white spark. Please help!