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  1. I love it! I did not ride it without the fly wheel but its quite lively. I would not want it any snappier. My comparison would be to my previous bike, a Husaberg FE 390, also a great bike. BUT, the yz is much more fun. The YZ suspension is everything they say, amazing. The bike feels MUCH lighter. You need to shift more and it does not lug like the 4 stroke but i expected that going in. If i had to critique anything, I would say i find the clutch a tad tricky to modulate, but I suspect my clutch control skill , lack of, is responsible for that impression more than clutch itself. In a nutshell, most fun I have had on a bike.
  2. Hi So, no ride report yet. But, I just installed a set of Unabiker rad guards. For anyone that is interested, it IS in fact a nice product. Fit is as good as one could hope for, better than average. Only a little bit of gentle force required here and there. The instructions are terrible, but it is certainly not rocket science. For anyone that will be installing a set, dummy fit them first or else you will be taking them apart when you think you are almost done. One of the very first instructions, that does not seem to make sense, because its not very clear, actually makes a lot of sense........insert swearing + 20min. The TM Design works skid plate. It looks like it will do what it is meant to do. It fits like I have come to expect. Needs a little bit of massaging. Its light and will be quieter than aluminum. Thats all i have for now. Happy New Year!
  3. I picked up the bike!! My first impression is its light. Remember i'm comparing to a Husaberg fe390. In pushing it around and lifting it on the trailer, it feels significantly lighter. It looks to be well made. It does not come with some of the fancier bits that the euros do, but it feels and looks to be well made. Fit and finish is very good. There is really not much to it.... It is much more "no frills" than the euro stuff. It is slight. Narrower than my Husaberg. There is just "less", in a good way. I feel like it will definitely be easier to manhandle in tough terrain. I don't really think its lower, but it sorta feels like it is. Took it for a quick burn up and down my street. It feels very light. It needs to be broken in so i did not beat on it. That being said, it is clearly a quick bike. It feels "zingy". I was a little bit nervous but pleased to discover it does not "hit" so much as build. I had a Subaru WRX for a bit, it kinda reminds me of that, vs, say, a 5.0 Mustang. Slingshot vs a cannon.....The clutch feels amazing. Anyhow, thats my 60 second impression. I have never purchased a brand new bike before. I have a grin on my face. It seems to be lining up with my expectations. I don't know when it will be, but I will post my impression after a real go. Until then.....
  4. The guy at the dealership suggested this too! I'm a much better road racer than offroader. I've been told the traction is amazing with studded tires. I think I'll have to look into this. Thx!
  5. I'm going to pick it up later this week. I will post pics. I will follow up with a ride report too, might be a while, but i will. There is an indoor MX track somewhere in this part of Ontario, I'm going to look into getting over there for a go.
  6. I pick up my new yz250x this week! Got a nice deal on a 2016. Just in time for the snow.......
  7. The point of my inquiry was to help make a decision. From all the input here combined with my online research I have decided. I'm going to buy a yz250x. I will add a flywheel weight, some hand guards and a skid plate. I have loosely negotiated an agreement with the family which will allow me to pick a harescramble series and a couple (2 or 3) enduros to participate in next summer and track my progress. No indulgent modifications to the bike until I "deserve" a reward. Family will decide on the basis of consistency or ranking improvement, or just finishing... I have put it out in the ether, now I must act on my statement! I will report! Wish me luck and thanks for all the input.
  8. I have not ridden one. One friend has one and although he says it's not vicious, he does say it's quite a bit to handle, but I see what you are getting at vs the 250. In response to the 4t 250. I have not considered that. I'll do some reading.... I did not realize how light they are. Thx!
  9. That is exactly how I feel. My wr450 was WAY to much. I can't imaging that but coming on in a surge. I am looking for info on the TE 150 and the KTM 150 xcw. They both seem pretty interesting.
  10. For the most part the 300 2-strokes scare the crap out of me. Sure they are luggable and tractable down low but there is a serious beast lurking in the power band and it can come on with a vengeance.
  11. I think you said it, "don't get bogged down in the details" That keeps going through my mind. What's that saying, gas is the best accessory to improve your skills.... something like that anyhow. Thanks ! Luke
  12. "Racing" has to be taken with a grain of salt in my case. I like entering harescrambles and enduros because it is plug and play. I show up, follow a bunch of arrows that "force" me to ride a particular line that I might otherwise avoid. I get to ride different terrain in different areas that would otherwise be difficult for me to explore on my own. It's kind of intense and intimidating but it's pretty much all my riding experience has been made of. When I state it this way it actually does sound a little unusual.... it's a consequence of wanting to participate in this cool sport but living in the middle of a big city. I guess I'm wondering what bike might be the most appropriate for this type of use. I won't lie, I find some of the events almost overwhelmingly difficult. A very wet Corduroy Enduro kicked my ass so hard a few years ago I thought about giving it up all together. The only casual practice I have is on my electric trials bike in a little ravine below a cemetery near my house. Again, thanks for the comments, they are helping me.
  13. Although, I am getting the impression the Beta's have the "friendliest" power.
  14. A 175!??! That would be the perfect bike!! Lol. It will never end.... From my sofa, for the money, the yz is hard to beat. If the 250's are as de-tunable as I am being lead to believe, I think a 250 might make the most sense. It seems there is an argument for an against any bike, but it's becoming clearer that the differences seem to be minorish. At the moment, I'm leaning towards the yz.... recognized good suspension, good price and no e-start - seems like good motivation to not stall become a better rider.
  15. There is not much info out there yet but the KTM 150 xc w sounds very interesting on paper I never even thought of looking at sherco. We have a dealer sort of close and he is a really nice guy. Something to consider. If I reference my track day experience and progress, I should get a 125 or 150 and learn to ride "from scratch" so to speak. The KTM 150 is a tick over 200lbs, I do like the sound of that. Hmmmmm