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  1. jc389

    Best local suspension shop (CO)

    My daughter had her 125 resprung by EnduroSpec. They did an awesome job. They also do a lot of racer suspension for the CORCS series enduro riders. http://www.endurospec.com/
  2. jc389

    Pueblo Pmi Spring Break

    You pay at the house. Tons of parking. You dont need an OHV but would suggest a spark arrestor as standard just because of how dry it is.
  3. jc389

    2015 WR 250F in mountains?

    Just make sure your jetted correctly. You will loose a little horsepower but your trail riding... Not racing.. so you shouldn't have any issues. I ride a KTM 200 and of course I notice the power loss at around 12000 feet, but I have never had any problems. Even my daughter used to ride her yz80 up here with no problems.
  4. jc389

    Ethanol free fuel

    I think its more reliant on users to update. I added the Murphy station the other day and it showed up really fast
  5. jc389

    Ethanol free fuel

    There are probably other stations around but I just found that the Murphy Fuel at hwy 66 and 287 in Longmont has ethanol free fuel!!! Just an FYI if anyone is looking. Price isnt bad. It was $2.37 a gallon yesterday and its 87 octane.
  6. jc389

    2 Stoke Pipe Repair

    I was going to suggest the freeze method too. Although careful with the amount of water. I have seen people split the pipe.
  7. jc389

    Anyone ridden Berthoud yet

    Thats good to hear. Yeah I am an older rider as well so I rarely clear the big doubles and stuff. Hopefully everyone plays by the Right Roll Left Launch rules
  8. Anyone had a chance to get out to the new Berthoud track yet? Just curious how it was. The video looks good just wanted to hear others opinions
  9. jc389

    Berthoud Moto Park

    Nice! It was a little dumpy looking before.
  10. jc389

    CORCS race round 2

    Likely to be a mudder so prepare appropriately
  11. jc389

    CORCS race round 2

    Due to the extreme weather conditions affecting travel, we are canceling the Saturday events only. We know many of you travel a long way with your kids just for the Sat. event, and we don't want anybody taking unneeded chances with our future racers on the Hwy. We will formulate a plan for a make up event, perhaps a double header at a future event. Additionally, the race area forecast is calling for rain all day Saturday, and it probably won't be fun for them, or the crew, not to mention our need to keep our equipment undamaged from the elements. But......we remain on track for Sunday. The weather conditions actually look quite favorable for an epic day of racing. Travel is still a concern, so take your time, perhaps get a room if you need to be closer on Sunday. Campers are still welcome to arrive Friday afternoon if you like, but the CORCS crew won't arrive until Sat. morning. Please leave about 150' gap between the edge of the field and the fence line. The course runs through there and we will ask you to move if you are too close. We feel bad, but we have no control of the weather and can only try to make the best decision possible based on what we know about it, and we always will try to err on the side of safety. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for any updates
  12. jc389

    Watkins/Jewell Conditions ?

    I went for the first time on Sunday. It's nice. Prepped and watered well. The back tracks are dangerous. Dust on hard pack and tons of inexperienced riders. Stay on the pro track. This is what I would consider a little more advance track than Aztec. The landings didn't seem bad to me. Worth checking out again in my opinion and a hell of a lot closer for me coming from estes park!
  13. If your looking for a great weekend of riding dont miss the CORCS race in Pueblo this weekend. Come support a great organization
  14. Ha! That's greatness!
  15. jc389

    CORCS first time racer...advice?

    The bike classes were absolutely INSANE!!! But at the same time a welcome sight because that means that more money will eventually equal more properties and a continued organization! Yes there are some very painful growing pains that the organizers will eventually have to address. The biggest and most painful is the lack of a numbering system. We used to race TCCRA in Texas and every class has their number range. So for instance Pro class is 1-99 A open 100-199 etc etc. This serves many purposes.. It makes scoring much easier for the volunteers, It makes tracking your rider and their position much easier for spectators. And for us racers its makes it much easier to know that the person behind or in front of you is either someone you need to race or not! I didn't see any major injuries so hopefully no one was hurt badly. There was a bike with broken handlebars in the A/B race so hopefully they are ok. Great day with family and new friends!