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  1. hey Leo...Im going to PiPi on Wednesday...you want to join?
  2. A couple of us are going to Hollister tomorrow (tuesday the 8th).Anyone want to come along?
  3. ..Ide love to brother but Im not a A squad day time goob. I will be sound asleep preparing for the night wars. B Graves rules. hahahaha
  4. pipi valley tuesday (tomorrow) morning...anyone want to go?
  5. Rick, a buddy of mine is buying a new bike today and wants to hit pipi on tuesday. Are you and leo up for another try there? The weather report looks good. I think the ground should be more agreeable this time. Let me know. Im off until weds so call me or send me a PM so we can decide where we are going. Bruce
  6. so, did you violate the law or not? did you ride the bike that day?
  7. geeez, the guy just asks a simple question and you jump all over him with attitude; calling him lazy. ease up internet tough guys, the guy just wanted some simple advice.
  8. another cycra plug from me. I put it on my bike and love the way it looks compared to the headlight
  9. ha ha ha; priceless. You hit the nail on the head.
  10. good choice, welcome. Ive owned 8 Honda's and have loved every one of them
  11. thanks for the reply. I will check them out
  12. Thankyou for that info . We arent all tall people
  13. about 5'10"
  14. cool idea but the lowering portion was only a very small part of the cost. new springs and re-valving is where the big hit was
  15. He is in Modesto. My 450X was 700 and some change for the complete job. That included new springs,valves, the spring mod(to lower) and the sidestand mod. Here is some more info: http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=302295 There is a link to his website there too.