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  1. Ok, I am not too bright. I have a 2006 YZ450F, wanted to get some fresh oil in the forks before riding this weekend, got them off the bike, got the outer chamber off, then noticed that I did not have the Fork Compression Valve Removal tool needed to take the base valve off and drain the inner chamber of oil. Now, it was my mistake for not noticing I needed that tool before hand, but of course now I still have the bug to ride this weekend. My questions is.... Since that inner chamber is sealed, can I just put it back together and put fresh oil in the outer portion as a temp fix just to ride, then get the tool and drain all the oil the right way? It seems that that inner chamber does not drain the oil or take on air unless you take out the base valve, but I thought I would get a professional opinion before I tear something up. Thanks!!!!!
  2. Can anyone tell me what the stock oil weight is for the forks and shock on a 2006 YZ450? The manual says Yamaha S1, but I like to use Maxima and don't know if that is 5wt, 7wt or what. I would assume the stock shock oil would be shock fluid 2.5wt, but can't find tha t in the manual either. Thanks!
  3. OK. Looks like the MX-Tech website is back up now and I found the shock rebuild instructions (All I really want to do is change the oil), but was really hoping for pictures (I am on of those visual types). Does anyone know if there are any instructions out there with pictures too?
  4. I have seen two main links for shock rebuild instructions for KYB shocks on this forum during my search (MX-Tech.com and motocross.com/motoprof/moto/mcycle/suspen.html) but neither of these links are working now. Does anyone have another link or can post detailed shock rebuild instructions for my 06 YZ450? The service manual that came with the bike does not tell you how to change the shock oil. Thanks!!
  5. tbergdo

    Need CRF 50 Fork Lower

    I bent the right fork lower (non brake side)
  6. tbergdo

    Need CRF 50 Fork Lower

    Yeah, it probably will bend a new one too. I got some brass bushings that seem to really tighten up the tollerance, hopefully lessen chance of bending. I want to keep stock forks cause I race the stock 50 class at the mini races we have here. A lot cheaper fun since most of my money goes in my 450. Know where I can get aftermarket chromoly you talked about at a decent price?
  7. Does anyone have a set of stock CRF 50 fork lowers that they want to give away or sell really cheap? I did not replace the bushings on mine soon enough and hammering whoops took its toll. When I put the new bushings on, the new tight tollerance would not even allow the fork to move since it was bent. Thanks!
  8. I have stock forks with heavy springs on my 50, and every time I hit a quick hard bump or whoops, I get a hard topping out clunking sound in my forks. I can even slightly imitiate the sound just sittig on the bike and pulling up on the forks really hard. Stearing nut is tight, forks are tight, anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
  9. I have stock CRF50, only bar kit and springs on it. The stock tires are so sketchy on trails and hard pack tracks. I want to put some Dunlop 756 10" tires on it for traction. My question is... Will the moto tires be too heavy and cause the bike to be slower, or are they comparable to stock in weight and I won't even notice the power difference? Thanks!