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  1. bert400

    UNI or K&N

    thanks guys
  2. bert400

    UNI or K&N

    which filter do you guys think is better? UNI or K&N
  3. I have been looking at handguards and i like the look of the powermadd ones but I wanted to know if they are worth buying
  4. thats awsome who sings that song you are playin in it
  5. has anyone ever been to st joes? I live in IL and thats the one place we like to ride alot.
  6. does anyone have shaved fenders for a 04 400ex. I thought about shving mine but I wanted to see someone that had it so I could see if I liked it
  7. bert400

    exhaust for a 400ex?

    I have an 04 400ex with a white brothers e2 series and its pretty loud when u take out the spark arrestor
  8. bert400

    04 vs 05 Honda 400EX's?

    I say the o4 it looks alot better. the 05 looks like crap. reverse dont do that much good anyways. and for $500 more its not worth it u could spend that on a pipe or something
  9. would the edelbrock quicksilver carb be the carb to buy for a 400ex? Do the run well on one? will they give me more power?