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    I love everything that is mechanical and goes fast
  1. Baldy

    Sacramento Commuting

    There's only one Camaro up here and it is rarely used for enforcement--just public relations stuff. I live in Folsom. If somebody wants to go for a rip, let's hookup Baldy
  2. Baldy

    Sacramento Commuting

    The officer you are talking about now works in the Placerville area. Was he about 5'8", kind of chubby and chewed? All motorcops use that as a reason to stop you and check to make sure you are licensed. He was infamous for being chickenshit and towing tons of unlicensed motorcycle riders. Be safe and watch out for the airplane. It works in the area of Watt to Bradshaw and Sunrise to Prarie City on 50. On 80 in Sac county it works Greenback to Riverside. Baldy
  3. Baldy

    06 DRZ S and 06 DRZ E CDI

    Thank you VERY much!!!!!!
  4. Baldy

    06 DRZ S and 06 DRZ E CDI

    I have an 06 DRZ S that I am trying to put an 06 DRZ E CDI into for the additional 500 rpms and different ignition curve. When I do so, the bike does not start. I've played with the kickstand switch but it didn't work either way (connected or disconnected / opened or grounded). What can I do to make the new E box work? Thanks Baldy PS--its a CA model