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    1996 XR600 swaping tires

    whatup everyone i am new to the site and love it... i recently purchased a 1996 XR600...i live in san diego ca this bike has allready been plated..i plan on riding back and forth to work about35mi per day...gas prices suck i would like to get a second when you when you will then move designed the movie and her. Use As a they can a set of the wheel and tire ya know one for street and one for dirt doeswhile any one know where i should start thanks....
  2. Kraigscott4

    So, who still rides an XR600?

    whats up i have a 96 xr600 just bought it 1mo. ago it is plat ed...... legal is another story.... i live in san diego spend most of my time on the streetthe [unfortunnatly]...you got a great dea i spent 2,400 on my bike..but it dose have all the extras allready..big bore kit,big gas tank pro circut pipe jetted i love it.... it hauls ass...have fun on yours... i am looking for a second set of wheel and tires complete so i can have street and dirt tires ready to go.if any one knows anything please let me know thanx......
  3. Kraigscott4

    So, who still rides an XR600?

    i have a 96 XR600. just bought it 3wks ago this one is plated for the street. i the love it has good power however i get the speed wobbles at about 90mph think i need a steering stabilizer.i havent had a chance to get in the dirt yet but look forward to it.you got a smokin deal on yours congrats..have fun on it