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  1. I've finally got all the pieces to put blinkers on my xr4. but the manual doesnt tell anything about it. I know it can't be too tough but i don't want to mess anything up either. can anyone help? with a scematic or even better, pictures of what wires go where. thanks a lot
  2. what race i just sat down to watch it and they put infomercials on instead. i'm so pissed
  3. dous anyone know where to get a good price on valves and a big bore kit for my xr 400?
  4. I've got my bike apart and have a hotcam for it. Can anyone tell me where i can get a big bore kit and valve kit for a reasonable rate? also anything else i should address while i'm in there? thanks joe
  5. ouch man what a drag. I see your #1 though can't you just have your factory mechanic drag it back to the semi and fix it? Next time I think i'd stick with honda
  6. plain and simple. if you ride a bike without boots, your an idiot. If your dad lets you ride without boots, He's an unexcusable idiot. His job is to protect his kid. Sorry to be so blunt but them are the facts.
  7. do whatever you have to. I'm here to tell ya that having a street legal dirt bike will give you almost as many grins as busting out a 75 foot triple on a mx track.
  8. sounds great. I live a bit farther north and i'm sure the trails here are just as good. only problem is i tore my xr down when we got all that snow. now i go to the garage and both my bike and sled laugh at me
  9. I've heard several times that you can swao the front end off an older cr with the stock xr stuff. I have a 96 xr 400 and would be very interested in doing this mod. Does anyone know which years and model cr's will word? thanks guys... Have a great new year
  10. I guess it depends a lot on wher you ride. But i ride the single track in northern mi. and you havnt seen tight until you've ridden there. While the xr 400 is a little heavier, the extra power more than makes up for it. I'm only 155 lbs and 5'8 and have no trouble riding all day. Maybe some of you guys just need to sac up
  11. sounds like a good mod. where exactly is the resistor in the spark plug boot? and how do i get it out? also what was that plug# and which brand? thanks
  12. I've had all kinds of bikes 2 and 4 stroke. The most obvious choice for you I believe is the xr 400. Bulletproof,faster, and comparable weight to the xr 250. Also it'll feel so much like your 250 that there will be little to no adjustment period to your new steed
  13. forget about it and get a 400. you get all the great traits of the 250. Except the anemic power supply
  14. I'm punching it out and outting a stage 2 cam in so i really think the cdi box may help. I also plan on replacing the valves, guides etc. anyone know a good source for them? I just sold a crf 450 so any reliable power i can get on the xr will be greatly apprerciated. And no I'm not a complete idiot, I plan on getting another mx bike in the spring. But I have to say the xr has been the funnest bike i've had in a while. It's hard to beat a street legal dirt bike. but i do miss the instant power.
  15. SNOW where the heck are you at? I live in northern mi. and we lost it all. My sled's just staring at me and my bike's in pieces. what a drag