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  1. wrong

    High Volume Oil Pump

    cylinder must be off, its at the junction of cases and cylinder base
  2. wrong

    XR100 420 chain

    xr100.com just set me up with a complete 420 chain and sprocket set for my 03 xr100
  3. wrong

    XR100 mod suggestion...

    I run a takegawa 115 kit, stock head, and a 34mm mikuni and this bike boogies. You can make a spacer to preload the stock spring with help from your local metal supply, automotive washers could preload the front, if youre looking for a cheap fix!
  4. wrong

    Having a tough time selling my bike!

    You never get back the money you spent on aftermarket parts, as they are a personal preference. Generally, I see these bikes i excellent shape selling for $2400. Good luck
  5. wrong

    XR100 headlight/street legal

    i beleive ricky stator has rewound stator kits for about 80 bucks. Acerbis can set you up with the other stuff probably with a cost of around150 bucks!
  6. wrong

    Year identification

    post the vin and I can help you
  7. wrong

    Broken Kick Start Lever

    cheapest easiest fix is automotive heater hose over that spot on lever. It will tear, but just spin it to an uncut area and youre good to go again. 1ft cost maybe .75
  8. wrong

    NY,NJ,PA Riding

    check out www.liorv.org/ for different places to ride. We also have a meeting coming up next Tuesday. We frequent Tower City PA. as a club and even have campsites. PM me for more details-Brendan
  9. wrong


    I went to the auto parts store and got some heater hose and slipped it over the kicker down to where it hits. it eventually wears thru, but you can just tightly spin it around to a fresh uncut area. Total cost .75 for a 1ft length that will last years!
  10. wrong

    Play bike ?? from a yz guy

    honda xr80/100 is a no brainer
  11. you my friend have valves that are adjusted too tight! Get em fixed before you bend something. Valves should be adjusted cold! Your shop should have known, might be time to shop elsewhere.
  12. wrong

    carbon fiber?

    It holds up just fine under normal conditions. My c/f air box showa a few scuffs which go away with s100 polishing spray. The s100 really keeps the scratches invisible. the only problem I've had was with my front disc protector cracking due to a fall in the rocks. I ride mostly in the rocks, and even my c/f chain guide (although banged up ) is still in good working order.
  13. wrong

    stock kick start

    or you can run down to your local auto parts store and pick up some heater hose (red stuff is better) and slide it over the shaft to eliminate this. Yes, it will tear slowly, but just spin the hose to a new unmarred spot! Maybe a foot of this stuff will cost you a buck and take 5min. to install
  14. wrong

    xr 80 rim

    replacement wheels are horribly expensive, and how long have these spokes lasted? How is your spoke maintainance? Fix it, then keep an eye on spoke tension!
  15. wrong

    03 WR250F delivery date?

    I recall having to wait from Feb. to mid april for delivery of my 01. I live in the Northeast.