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  1. ab8dd

    Aftermarket Throttle Assembly?

    Thanks! Aparently too many search terms!?!?! What one(s) are folks using? Any suggestions? Comments?
  2. ab8dd

    Aftermarket Throttle Assembly?

    Why is it I cannot locate any complete CRF250X (2004) throttle assemblies? I find lots of throttle tubes but not the complete assembly. My stock set-up is in need of replacement and I thought I would look into aftermarket / upgrade but cannot find any whats up with that? Any direction would be helpful.
  3. Hello, I am having problems shifting my 08 XR650L when I ware my Tec-7 MX boots. The fat toe on the boots makes it hard to upshift. If I raise it one spline then it hits the Chain case cover. Is there a aftermarket replacement one I can buy or will I have to take it to a weilding shop and have them modify it? Thanks ab8dd
  4. National Lesbian Lawn Bowling!?!?! COOL! What Time?
  5. ab8dd

    Helmet Cam Help???????????????

    ebay for both the Sony TRV-22 and the Bullet Cam which is also a Sony but only the 480 line model, I would suggest getting more resolution, although the 480 does a fine job!
  6. ab8dd

    Helmet Cam Help???????????????

    Sony DCR-TRV22 does have LANC input
  7. ab8dd

    Helmet Cam Help???????????????

    Sony DCR-TRV22 for under $200. and it works great!
  8. ab8dd

    booby traps in pa.

    Wow! What a bunch of useless biccoring! Any land owner in his/her right mind would not string up 3/8" cable across a trail to keep people out! A responsable land owner would post a sign in the middle of the trail or use something that can be seen and not infilct injury to someone wheather they should be there or not by whatever means, bike, quad, mtn bike or simply running!
  9. ab8dd

    My X's boiling too easy!!

    1.1 cap, engine ice, airbox mod, no baffle, re-jet and has never overheated in 100+ deg F Ohio summer heat on slow trails.
  10. ab8dd

    Tired Battery Question

    I guess I should have been more clear the Schumacher will apply up to 1.5 amp until battery voltage reaches 14.4 volts and the charge current decreases to .5 amp, at this point the internal voltage reference will change (indicated by an amber color LED that changes to green) to 13.2 volts, at this lower voltage reference the charge current is typically .001 amp. This low current charge state can be left hooked to the battery indefinitely. This is the best charger for the $$. Also comes with quick disconnect cable and connectors that can be left hooked to the battery terminals and you can plug in the charger when the bike is not in use.
  11. ab8dd

    Tired Battery Question

    Burned is correct, charging problem. As for battery maintenance, Schumacher Model WM-1562A 1.5 amp charge to peak detect, then cut off and monitor. $17. at Wally. Great item, been using several for years, bike, camper, 6.5TD truck and generator. Great item!
  12. ab8dd

    were is their to ride in ohio

    Wayne is a great place to ride, just north of Nelsonville. Ohio ORV Sticker and Daily $5 / Yearly $25 permit. http://www.fs.fed.us/r9/wayne/recreation_sites/orv.html Will be there tomorrow on CRF250X with buddy on KFX400 Quad
  13. ab8dd

    Trails in MI without hunters

    Careful... around here the dip s**t hunters can't tell the difference between a dirt rider and a deer!!!!
  14. ab8dd

    making a CRF450R street legal? anybody

    Ohio was easy, request a body change affidavit from the title office which is form BMV 3083, this states that the bike has all of the necessary equipment required by Ohio Law, sign it and the title department will issue you a new "MC" title just that easy! NO INSPECTIONS NECESSARY! Ohio Law requires the following items on your bike... Brakes Head light, tail light and license plate light Muffler - with baffles Horn Saddle Type Seat Handlebars Directional signals Rearview mirror I installed the "Trick Dual Sport Kit" and added a mirror, ride it around town with no problems from the local law enforcement
  15. Adjusted to 1" and the noise is gone! (seems a little tight to me though)