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  1. G19Man

    Another happy TTR, new jets

    What I meant was that everyone that installs new jets also opens up the exhaust. If I don't open up the exhaust, I assume that the bike would just run rich versus it's stock lean condition but wanted to double check.
  2. G19Man

    Another happy TTR, new jets

    So, can you do the 17.5/110 jets, pull the snorkle but not modify the exhaust? Would you still get the benefits and not harm the engine? I assume doing that would richen it up a little.
  3. G19Man

    Help. KLX110 problem with it shutting off !

    I was having the same exact problem with my son's KLX110. I took off the fuel line out of the petcock and open it up to the ON position. It ran for little bit and then quit running. I was about to take the tank out when I opened the cap just a little bit. WHOOSH.. out dumped the fuel through the petcock. So I twisted the overflow filter tube coming out of the top of the cap a little, then put the cap back on snug but not super tight. I ran it for almost 30 minutes tonight and it worked great. Either the cap air vent is bad or the tube was crimped. Hope that helps you. Let me know your results.