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  1. I had a brand new set of rad. guards on it but no help it went with the rad. thanks for all the help. I have been modding my bike from this fourm, and now it is a total different bike. Runs great. faster,cooler,stronger,and hits trees harder.
  2. My drz400e hit arunaway tree I need a left radiator and plastic side cover for it 2005. Cheepiest place to get new parts. Dealer wants 285.00 for rad,and 108.00 for plastic . best place to get new parts ?
  3. I would like to thank every one for thier reply. I am new to this web, and does any one know what the power diff would be with a drz/e and a 450 honda if the drz/e had new exhaust, air box mod, 165 main ,13 tooth front sprocket. vers stock 450 hp/torque. Thanks in advance
  4. How does the drz400e compare aginst the rest of the 400 dirt bikes out their power, torque, handling, relibility.