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    Bad luck for my wife... X-trainer.

    The plastic is very brittle. I'm hoping in the future this can be remedied. Polisport comes to mind.
  2. flybars

    Non OEM Air Filter

    Just a heads up about Uni filters. If U use No-Toil filter oil and cleaner, it is not recommended to use on Uni filters. Their glue will not hold up to the cleaner, and the filter foam will delaminate at the seams.
  3. flybars

    Kiwi '15 model press release enduro comparisons

    Good read. The harshness he felt with the Sachs front end is what my '14 300rr has. I was hoping they would have addressed it for the newer models.
  4. flybars

    Beta Chassis Torque Tables

    If U do, I'd sure like to have a copy. Too bad betausa can't handle this.
  5. flybars

    Beta OEM vs. FMF pipe

    I've used Force product's for my GG's in the past. Very good quality. I'm looking forward to your reviews Glen! U might not have to buy another pipe again!
  6. flybars

    What did you do to your Beta today ?

    Should come in handy for Mattawa's rocky ravines.
  7. flybars

    Cross reference info thread.

    Awsome! Thanks Ud Luz.
  8. flybars

    Cross reference info thread.

    I fitted up a '12 crf450 rear sprocket on my '14 300rr. Works well.
  9. flybars

    300RR In Da House

    Does anyone know the bar bend stats for the '14 300rr? I'm still working on getting them just right. The pegs are set higher than my GG's, so standing, the bars are too low, but sitting they seem just right.
  10. There U go HR. Can't get any easier than that. Let us know what U think about this Beta? I sure like mine! The 300rr is so smooth that it resembles a 250, but with more everywhere.
  11. flybars


    Thanks for posting Enduroguy. I wasn't able to make it. Very exciting. Good for Web!
  12. flybars

    Beta 250 RR Question

    I know I get a lot of rider's checking my Beta out.
  13. flybars

    My 2nd Beta is shipping Monday!

    What cc is it? Very nice minicrosser!
  14. flybars

    Post your Beta video here..

    So the Clake is less expensive than the Rekluse? Interesting. I always heard good things about the Clake. Haven't heard anything of late tho. Lhrb and Twisted E. flex bars are two products I'm focusing on att.
  15. flybars


    Damn! That's the tree U guys jumped over? I would have broken more than that 41! Including myself.
  16. flybars

    One for 300RR owners

    Yep, bulldogging and getting stuck on a steep hill and having to turn around with only the front brake, which doesn't want to hold.Do U find that the Rekluse lhrb works as well as the foot rear brake?
  17. flybars

    One for 300RR owners

    Good to see U finally got your new Beta! I got mine a Frank's Motor Bikes too. He was great to deal with. Love my '14 300rr! Would eventually like to get the lhrb also. Is your the Rekluse brand? Let us know how it works and holds up? Thanks, Bob. I am also seriously considering the Twisted Engineering flex bars. At almost 64 years my wrists, shoulders, hands are in need of a little more cush.
  18. I was riding single track in the mountains behind my house and killed the motor on a very steep downhill section. Pitch black out. I was able to get her stopped and kicked back to life, but man, what a eye opener! Since then I've added a baja designs 50 watt bulb with the glass lens, and a revloc clutch so she doesn't die on me anymore.
  19. flybars

    xr 400 spark plug tool

    I have the Honda socket, but I have the Clarke 3.9 gal. tank. I was gonna make the tubing suggestion too, but satmike beat me to it! That little trick sure makes it easier!
  20. flybars

    xr250 vs xr400 vs xr600

    Man, U scored well! Especially when U can get all the needed aftermarket stuff, and even a dampner and a pumper carb even! Congrats. U made a good/affordable choice.
  21. flybars

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    ATJ, let me rephrase my last question. Would the 42mm carb work better than the bst40ss in your guestimation? Thanks, Bob.
  22. flybars

    Rekluse for the XR

    Thanks for mentioning this. I cleared my pm box just now. I'll go ahead and send U another pm. Bob.
  23. flybars

    xr 400 spark plug tool

    I have the Honda spark plug socket. I am looking for one which is jointed and can bend so U do not have to remove your gas tank. I have seen one in use, but the shop owner is now retired. Anybody out there know where I can get one? Thanks, Bob.
  24. flybars

    Edison approach to alerantive XR400 carbs

    ATJ, are U thinking that the 42mm carb would be better for my 440? I currently have the mikuni 36 pumper.
  25. flybars

    Rekluse for the XR

    I need to let U guys know that Revloc makes the auto clutch for the xr400. They dropped the price from $1000.00 to $500.00 give or take a little, about a year ago. I installed one in my xr440 this summer. I still don't have it dialed in exactly how it should be. I'd like to talk with Fabricator and do some comparison's He's the only rider I've found who has one. I called efm a couple of years ago and they no longer make one for the xr. I gotta tell ya, it made me a better rider and have far less fatigue at the end of a long hard ride. The fun factor and confidence to try more difficult stuff has gone way up. I don't have to worry anymore if I'm gonna kill the motor in a dangerous spot. Going downhill is the same as when I had the manual clutch. It doesn't go in to neutral until you are back down to idle. Then U just blip the throttle and your back to compression. I definately want the RHR brake next. Those steep right hand downhill switchbacks would be alot more tame with one.