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    the dr comes from the factory too lean and opening up the exhaust without any other changes would make it worse,do the exhaust,open the air box,do a jet kit and you would be amazed.not expensive either.
  2. ric6312

    Dyno Jet

    sounds like the float may be sticking,,could be trash in the tank or you may need a new needle and seat,,clean it agian and see if theres any trash in the float bowl
  3. ric6312

    anybody know a good rack?

    pro moto billet has the best looking rack in my opinion other than pam anderson
  4. ric6312

    Will be getting a new jet kit

    i have used both on different bikes and i like the DJ kit better,,easier to work with in my opinion.
  5. only one screw for fuel mixture and yes thats it, and i answered your question in above post concerning rich and lean
  6. ric6312

    bumping the red line or jetting??

    since theres no tach on my o5 i dont know if its jetting or im bumping the redline,,heres whats up jetted 160 main,4th notch,airbox mod,14 tooth counter sprocket,,runs fine around town but when i get on it in 1st gear,wheelie it,but at around 30mph its starts cutting out almost like im bumping the redline allready,,changed the needle to 3rd notch but didnt make much difference,,i guess what i need to know is with a 14 t sprocket how much speed to expect before i bump the red line in 1st gear,,or is it jetting..thanks
  7. ric6312

    bumping the red line or jetting??

  8. in is lean,clockwise,out is rich,counter clockwise. the fuel screw is for more or less fuel,,the airbox is for air pri is prime>>never have used it
  9. ric6312

    Highway Riding

    i ride 20 miles a day on my 05 and have had no issues
  10. ric6312

    bumping the red line or jetting??

    im going to go with a 155 and 4th clip,,running 160 now at 3rd notch,,was at 4th and it was worse there,,thanks tom
  11. ric6312

    bumping the red line or jetting??

    not trying to perfect wheelie,just when i nail it i come up but then i guess i hit redline too quickly,,ive riden sportbikies all my life so this is different when it comes to running it to redline,,dont know where redline is,,im thinking 30 t0 35 mph,,now i changed back to stock counter sprocket last night to give me more range,,thanks for the help guys
  12. ric6312

    bumping the red line or jetting??

    made a real difference for me but i ride 80% on road and if this is the problem im dealing with then ill have to go back to the stock sprocket..ive rode sportbikes for 15 years and this is a different monster
  13. ric6312

    Sputtering, stalling, and hesitating, '05 DR650

    just jeted my 05 and what a difference,,man,like night and day.. 160 main clip set at 3rd notch 2.5 turns out modded air box the difference stock- no front tire off ground from roll on 14 tooth sprocket- front tire up about 3 inches with jet kit- high as you want to go