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    06 DR650 handlng ??

    dude chill out.
  2. ric6312

    DR650SE Info Needed !

    the stock tires are great for street riding,i havent found any thats much better for paved roads,but for anything loose,,forget about it
  3. ric6312

    DR650SE Info Needed !

    tip #1 dont ride your dr650 through a mud hole with the stock tires,,you will bust your ass. tip #2 see tip #1
  4. ric6312

    DR650 stuff

    GOT A BRAND NEW GEL SEAT,,never used it,,oem.will selll it if ya need it,,look on suzuki website and youll see it there paid 175.00 plus shipping,sell for 125.00 shipped
  5. ric6312

    Just purchased 2002 DR650SE

    hey im in central florida,(lakeland) anyone close
  6. ric6312

    dr650 idle mixture screw - hand adjustable

    our suz's has had a screw extender out for a long time,cheaper too!! about half.
  7. ric6312

    Wheelies and gearing on DR650

  8. ric6312

    Wheelies and gearing on DR650

    15t dj kit 160 main,,stock pipe,airbox mod,,,no pulling needed,,twist and up she comes
  9. ric6312

    Supertrapp exhaust

    supertrapp doesnt have a listing for the 650 on thier website
  10. ric6312

    Supertrapp exhaust

    where can i get a supertrapp for my 05 650
  11. ric6312

    DR650 seat solution?

    i got a new gel seat off ebay for 146.00 all black but good seat
  12. ric6312

    DR650 mods and accessories

    sticky it
  13. ric6312

    dr pop backfire

    i think u may need to take carb completey apart and soak it overnight,check all rubber o rings. may need to rebuild carb which aint hard
  14. ric6312

    Want Trailwings??

    youve had mail since yesterday
  15. ric6312

    2000 DR650 seat and luggage question

    i intrested in the seat,,is it all black and what condition, email me,thanks 6312hurst@verizon.net
  16. ric6312

    Butterfly Scrw and Dynojet

    go with 160 main with airbox mod,needle set clip 4th notch from top and set the fuel mixture at 2.5 turns,,thats if your running stock pipe,,these settings work great for most people unless your way above sea level,,im in florida,we have no above sea level after all this ,set idle just so it idles well
  17. ric6312

    running like poo

    lol,poo bike..that just aint right.
  18. ric6312

    Looking for a decent windshield for 05 DR650SE

    wouls like to see a fly screen on a 650
  19. ric6312

    different kinds of racks?

    www.promotobillet.com nice rack http://www.promotobillet.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=20
  20. ric6312

    newbie say hello and info required

    open up the air box and jet the carb,,simple and cheap to do,,you will be amazed..i too come from the sportbike scene and went to this due to age and athritis in my hands,,should have done it sooner as i love this bike and what it can do.. check out jesses air box mod and he sells jet kits and the extended fuel screw,,got both for around 80.00 www.kientech.com
  21. ric6312

    Lighting Upgrade

    i cant like the way you took a fine looking bike and did that to it.hope you can inprove the overall look because it looks bad in my opinion.
  22. ric6312

    balancing tires

  23. ric6312

    balancing tires

    can you explain the procedure for this,,thanks
  24. what would you expect from someone if that had been your bike that got droped on??you would expect the person of the other bike to pay for fixing it,its the right thing to do..
  25. ric6312


    florida has no elevation,lol were at ground level