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  1. dude chill out.

    What are you, a 15 year old dropout? Take a smart pill yourself.

    We all make errors at one time or another. This is a forum where we communicate in written English. What he wrote wasn't a spelling or grammar error, it was gibberish. If we cannot effectively communicate, this whole forum becomes meaningless because it will be impossible to tell what the other person is trying to say. We all make judgements about each other based upon the way we represent ourselves to each other in our writing. You may not like me because I point out a poorly written mess, I think less of you because you don't value communication skills. One of those factors in judging others is if the person writes in a purposefully childish fashion. As I said, we all make spelling and grammar errors, but you have to consciously type without capital letters and punctuation and that was my point. Is it to look cool? Is it because it is in fashion to look like an uneducated idiot? Doing so is just lazy and disrespectful to the audience from whom he as asking a question. You may choose to disagree, which is fine. At least I could read what you wanted to communicate to me and I respect you for having the common courtesy of using effective writing skills to do so.

  2. go with 160 main with airbox mod,needle set clip 4th notch from top and set the fuel mixture at 2.5 turns,,thats if your running stock pipe,,these settings work great for most people unless your way above sea level,,im in florida,we have no above sea level

    after all this ,set idle just so it idles well

  3. open up the air box and jet the carb,,simple and cheap to do,,you will be amazed..i too come from the sportbike scene and went to this due to age and athritis in my hands,,should have done it sooner as i love this bike and what it can do.. check out jesses air box mod and he sells jet kits and the extended fuel screw,,got both for around 80.00


  4. It is necessary to balance both front and rear tires, especially if only single rimlocks are used. It is very easy to balance wheels in your garage with a pair of jack stands and gravity. :banghead:

    can you explain the procedure for this,,thanks