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    any ideas??

    I just bought a used 07 450 kawasaki, it had rotella oil in it but at level it wouldn't show so I added alittle after I warmed her up to get the proper level. We took it to the track yesterday and after a good warm up lap we noticed that the oil was high, so we drained. this happened one more time. Well we got about 10 to 12 laps in and she blew oil out the top rubber gasket below the valve cover and shuting her down. Upon smelling the oil, it had gas in it Any ideas, I probably over did it on the oil, and its some type of seal, but where should I start. Any help would be great. We drained all the oil checked the carb, checked the valves and all seems well.
  2. Ciha397

    works connection skid plate/engine guards

    I have had the radiator ,skid plate, and engine guards on my 06, for a while now with no complaints. When it comes to bike protection Works Connection is the best for fit and durability