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    Whats Your Worst Wreck?

    I had only been to this track once before and forgot the layout. There is a jump after a turn where you jump over a hill and land on the down side, then get on the gas and jump a 70ft gap jump. We call it gravity cavity! Anyway, I thought the first jump was the gap jump and got on the gas really hard coming out of the turn. I over jumped the hill and flat landed against the take off ramp for the gap jump (ouch). I broke C1 in my neck and T9, T10, and T11 in my back. The breaks were compression fractures and no nerve damage. I was really lucky. Still hurts and that was over a year ago. I still race the 40+ plus class because you never get rid of the BUG.
  2. stomper24

    Pheonix trip planned

    Ocotillo Raceway is located in Eloy, which is between Phoenix and Tucson. To get to Ocotillo you head South on I-10 and get off at exit 208. Turn right and turn right again on Milligan Rd which is right across the street from the Flying J truck stop. Ocotillo is ½ mile on the left hand side. You can’t miss it. The track has the longest triple that I know of (107ft) there is also a 120ft table top known as Go-Huge. There is a split section that has some rhythm super-cross stuff in it. There are (2) step on-step-offs, a 90ft step up and some cool doubles. The prep has been great. Track is ripped every night except for jump faces and landing. Corners usually have some big ruts by end of the day. There is also another split section with whoops on one side and 5-pack on the other. I have seen the 5-pack tripled and quad into. Practice is Sat & Sun 7am to 12am They do have AMX racing there so call the Raceline to make sure 520-743-7727 I like Speedworld too. Track is fast and fun. They change it up often. ACP is another very cool track and the corners there are awesome!!!! If you do go to Ocotillo ask for Tom.