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  1. so_cal_sean

    help needed

    thanks guys how much is this recluse cluch and how does it work
  2. so_cal_sean

    WR400 Engine rebuild

    I have had the cyclinder recoated it is harder than the iron sleeve as it is what the factory does in the begining with the iron sleeve you can have it rebored and honed next time and not have to worry about a large cost just about 40 buck if you bring them the cylinder than you have to buy the next size up piston so if you plan on keeping it for a while it is a good option or you can buy a new cylinder for not much more than the coating coats i think it was 300 for the cylinder and like 245 for the coating out here where i am at
  3. so_cal_sean

    '00 YZ426 JETTING

    speaking of 426 i have an 01 it runs great with the jetting but the coloration of the exhaust leads to belive it is lean the tip has no sut but a white coating the bike does not smoke i ride on and off the throttle the needle is in the #6 position and the a/f screw at stock recomendations and ideas if i need to replace the needle to the next size up ot what \ the bike is std bore w/ 13.5 :1 wisco piston, hot cams, vortex ignition thanks for any advise sean
  4. so_cal_sean

    help needed

    Hey guy rode piru creek trail with some ktm guys this week end let me tell you great trail but electic start would have sure made it a lot easier. Is there a way to use the 03 electric start on an 02 wr426 or is there an after market kit any help would be greatly apprecited
  5. so_cal_sean

    fabricator's .....

    i would much rather make it myself love to come up with new things
  6. so_cal_sean

    98 wr400 odo eliminator

    what was wrong with the trail tech i was just looking in to buying one
  7. so_cal_sean

    tire questions

    thanks everybody for all the help from your advice and some of the guys I know who ride i am giving the irc m5b a chance 130/80.18 it fits great and allthough it is a soft compound i here it lasts a while gets a little rounded but still hooks up well thanks again for all the help
  8. so_cal_sean

    Nicoll suspension

    wow guys I recently, like 2 weeks ago had my suspension done by nicoll racing they took two days and it was done ,i asked them to set it up for trail riding, got it back and on the trail it was great amazing action in the suspension and very progressive. the next day i went to the mx track and it was a little soft. so i called them up they said bring it in. I brought it in and the customer service was amazing they stiffened it up with out taking away from the plushness i went back to the track today, what can i say they did a great job i could not ask for anything better or to have a more friendly staff to work with. cudos nicoll racing you guys rock
  9. so_cal_sean

    helmet cams

    where in so cal or on line can i find a cheap but decent helmet cam set up i can not find one anywhere any recomendations????
  10. so_cal_sean

    tire questions

    for a dot tire the dunlop 606 is pretty great that is what i run on my xr650
  11. so_cal_sean

    Aftermarket CDI for WR

    i have the vortex cdi on my wr and it is incredible, also have a high compression piston, hot cams and a drd pipe. the difference is dramatic and it gives you lots of adjustability depending on riding style
  12. so_cal_sean

    tire questions

    cool i will have to check in to that i am, in mission viejo but temecula is only 1-1.5 hours away depending oon traffic on the ortega
  13. so_cal_sean

    tire questions

    I have a 02 wr 426 and was wondering what is the best tire to run. I ride mostly at gorman and similar places i now have a dunlop739 but it only lasted two rides and is gone, what tire lasts longer and also what is the widest tire i can run on this bike? any help would be appreciated. thanks
  14. so_cal_sean

    Compressing piston ring

    make sure the oil ring is not overlapping in self install the love first the the wafer ring then the upper ring rnsure the wafer ring is not over lapped and that just the ends are touching
  15. so_cal_sean

    vortex cdi box

    the us distriputer is mt racing they are of the 91 frw @ van buren go lfet to jurupa and it is on the left in the first complex , riverside california they are $398 plus tax that is what i paid