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  1. YamahaThumper

    Check this thing out

    That thing is awesome, id buy one as fast as I could if they went into production. It can outrun the bigger bikes in the twisties, with an 85 2 smoker engine.
  2. YamahaThumper

    7$ anodizing

    This isnt real anodizing, this is paint.
  3. YamahaThumper

    Anyone see the new Renthal ad?

    http://www.jgrmx.com/cgr/community/home.htm Go to the videos section at the right and scroll to the bottom of the list. Awesome!
  4. YamahaThumper

    No reply from Dirt Bike Bitz!

    You dont have to be an ass. He was suggesting something to you. And the only way your gonna know how much it costs is what your long distance provider says it will cost.
  5. I oiled everything on assembly, including the rings, piston, and cylinder.
  6. I only ran the bike a matter of ten seconds. I'll get it running and warmed up when I can ride the thing too. Ring gap was good.
  7. Well I finally got my bike running after putting inthe '08 high compression piston into my '05 yz250f. I started it up and it ran really strong, despite the horrible jetting. What I did notice though was the amount of smoke. Im thinking this was just oils and whatnot on the piston burning. Does it sound normal?
  8. YamahaThumper

    My Motocross Essay

    Im a junior
  9. YamahaThumper

    Power shifting

  10. YamahaThumper

    unique spocket question

    Whats your gearing right now?
  11. Wouldnt this be beneficial to heat reduction because of metal transferering heat better than rubber? I also think it would look pretty bad ass! I know race car supply shops have hoses and fittings...what do you guys think?
  12. YamahaThumper

    Slight binding maybe?

    My timing is spot on after installing my new '08 piston into my '05 and I think it may just be the extra compression, but at TDC is seems to be making a binding feeling? Normal or no?
  13. YamahaThumper

    My Motocross Essay

    Wow, maybe I'll give the Essay judges something worth reading then! Thanks guys, this really makes me feel good about myself!
  14. YamahaThumper

    Lower seat height = better handling?

    About 6'0, but I'm mostly thinking better handling in the corners.