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  1. for cheap
  2. i used to race 125s for four years and i always learned the best way of getting th big jumps done was to shift a gear higher and feather or burn the clutch out coming out of the corner.another why i did this is because my front end was low too if i pinned right in saying that the engine and no power to give you so it cuts short thats what makes the fornt end go that i have a 250F everything at the tracks i was doing in sceond is not third if not fourth because of the bottem end grunt.hope this helps
  3. I have an '06 250 R with stock engine.this winter im planning on doing some work to the whole already set on a carbon pro dual exhaust but heres the real looking at engine planning on sending it to pro circuit for a port and polish and head work,TI valves,TI valve springs, and what not.i have the cash to spend the money on U4 constantly.i was wondering if i could do a higher compression like 14.5 to 1 compression wiseco piston.but if i could put that in the bike and not have to run a race gas i wont.heres what i want to do and i need help on recommendations. Piston-Wiseco 14.5 to 1 Cam-thinking hot cams Head-all procircuit.wondering about others Exhaust-white brothers carbon pro dual intake-i have Quickshot.wondering if any others good. any other mod would be helpful.i want a very powerful and fast engine.probably as close to factory as possible.any info would be greatly appreciated.
  4. i was at detroit.someone hit tyler and they both got knocked off the track.tyler didnt like it and got in his face but the other guy didnt even back down.they never fought they just had some words.tyler tried fighting again but didnt he threw his jersey into the big deal.
  5. I have a 1996 Ford F-150 and im trying to put a after market radio in it.well since the factory connectors in the truck wont hook up to the aftermarket radio i need to know the wiring diagram for the radio.I have looked all over google and everything and i cant find it.not even my alldata has it.So i need you guys help.can anyone tell me the factory wiring diagram for the radio.i need to know which wire is which on it.thanks for all you help.
  6. i just got a ticket for riding on my buddies land for noise and ORV violation.aint that a bunch of bullshit.on private land next to know for 100 acres.and they said i have to have an ORV sticker also.I told the cop thats bullshit and have court this week.good luck with it.
  7. my buddy was telling me ot get this SRP fuel mixture screw. He said then its easier to adjust when riding that day.its longer and has numbers on it to help know where your at.well my stupid and dumb question is is where is the fuel mixture screw on my 06 CRF250.thanks for the help.
  8. cmb911 i have used mostly stock except.i use one size bigger main and the needle clip in the 2nd position.try that i dont knwo my elevation but it works wonders for me.manly heers a tip for you if i were you dont go by me and try to jet it to where you live.i live in michigan and give you more feedback later after i check out all my setting on my carb.but for the summer jetting ill let you know soon but for right now try to jet for yourself manly.because it would benefit you better...ill let you know more secrets soon because im in the process of rejetting.need any mroe info PM me or aol AIM hondaracr4lf14 or start a thread
  9. I was in the proces of checking the valves and i can get this to happen... I tried to get the arrow to point to the notch in the gear but it wont line seems as if when i push the kickstart down to line it up it goes right by it and wont line do i get these to line up
  10. i bought mine on october 1st but i still havent got any pics of it yet except my buddy has a few of it but i need ot get them from him.
  11. Ive put about 50 hrs on mine and havent had a problem yet.i filed that seam down as weel and rejetted.i have no bog now and it runs perfect.valves have been in clearance the whole time and havent moved at all.nothing broken at all and no problems.just amke sure you rejet to get rid of the bog
  12. they changed the exhaust tips in australia. Here in the us the exhaust tips are much larger.i liek them bigger it makes it sound like its pissed off no matter what rpm your at.
  13. i got mine for 5100 because i didnt have to pay for taxes and also i didnt pay for my title i got it free
  14. i agree with cv4 all the important stuff you need to torque to proper spec liek motors and suspension most plastics and bars and stuff you can hand tighten witht a little mroe force and be fine..just make sure on riding daya nd after riding after washes and stuff make sure they are alright
  15. I was wondering if anybody heard if the dual and single pipes form aftermarkets comapnies has come out looking for a white borthers carbon pro dual or single exhaust for it.or any other comapny would be fine for now...please let me know