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  1. rummyville

    Should I change shocks?

    Thanks for the info. I think I'll just rebuild.
  2. rummyville

    Should I change shocks?

    What I mean by blown out is that the seals are blown to where oil prety much runs right out of them. I am also talking about the forks, maybe a better way of stating the question is that I was wondering besides just getting my seals replaced and my forks valved, is there maybe a better fork set up than the original forks?
  3. rummyville

    Should I change shocks?

    My front shocks on my 95 XR 600R have finally bit the dust. They aren’t bent or anything like that but they are totally blown out. The type of riding I do is 60% trail riding and 40% road riding. My question is should I just fix the ones I have or should I get some aftermarket shocks? I have some extra money to blow but I don’t know if the OEM shocks should be updated or are they just as good as any aftermarket shocks out there today? If anyone can educate me or give me some advise that would be great. Thanks!
  4. rummyville

    XR600R Frame Question.

    I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to upgrade to an aluminum frame on a XR600R with out buying an XR650R. Does anyone know of an aftermarket manufacturer that makes aluminum frames or maybe a website. If anyone can help me out that would be great.