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  1. depreciated

    polishing swing arm (pics) wanted

    i polished mine. removed the chaingaurd tabs while i was at it.
  2. depreciated

    Owner Survey, Year, Color, Style, Miles

    03 klx im guessing its under 3000miles. i removed the speedo.
  3. one of my corrado's engine swap turbo'd standalone gutted my daily my poor truck i took apart, to body drop and fit some big wheels +some more and another black motard
  4. depreciated

    Moto-Master Kit from Motostrano

    i did recieve mine today. for the wr/yz. and the rotor bolted up to my wheel and the bracket spaced out the stock caliper correctly.the bracket just needed a hair shaved off for me to have a happy amount of clearance, for the caliper to slide. note my bike is a 03 klx with conventional forks, converted to sm. factory sm bikes with the usd forks, would require a different bracket then what i used.
  5. depreciated

    Moto-Master Kit from Motostrano

    ordered mine for the yz/wr with my fingers crossed. . should be here tonight. i'll let you know if it fits after i try it out..
  6. depreciated

    which mixture screw?

    i have a old style fcr 39 from a yamaha dirt bike. on my s was wondering which idle mixture screw i should purchase? thanks in advance..
  7. depreciated

    front brake question,

    looking for 320mm comnversions, i noticed different suppliers have different numbers. looking on the tt site the ebc setup has the same part number for the drz as the wr/yz yamaha's, but other places i look list them differently. im assuming its the same kit. but if i piece a system together. they list the adapter brakets with different numbers. so the question is. do the parts interchange?
  8. depreciated

    i cant decide. pics inside.

    i see it like this.my friend and i bought bikes at the same time. where as he bought a yellow 03 drz, and i got a 03 in green.. shortly after he traded his in for a gixxer. guess he needed more of an advantage...
  9. depreciated

    i cant decide. pics inside.

    i still have my stock wheels with mt21's on them. and i still havent made up my mind. i just might have to get another set of plastics and have it both ways..
  10. depreciated

    i cant decide. pics inside.

    north haven.
  11. depreciated

    i cant decide. pics inside.

    headlight is in the garage. its a chrome 7 inch round one from a cb750. gotta make new mount for it since the ktm fork gaurds interfer with the mounts i made for it last year.
  12. depreciated

    i cant decide. pics inside.

    with or without i cant decide if i want to run the stickers or not?
  13. depreciated

    acerbis plastic kit part numbers or a link

    thanks for the info. i was just curious if there was a number to order it through the tt store. also i wouldnt need the headlight shroud. i have a 7inch chrome round from a old cb750 .
  14. is there a part number for a complete plastic kit in black. so i can order them. ive been looking and cant seem to find it. or do i have to order them individually? thanks in advance
  15. depreciated

    sr70 for my kid?

    well i ordered the 70. im just hoping it has enough umph to get him through some tougher trails. also i dont plan on riding it, i have a few bigger bikes.