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  1. RicerX

    Lacing SM rims

    Hey, Quick question... Im looking to get SM wheels for my CRF150, and Im trying to do it the cheapest way possible. I found some 17" excel wheels that are the correct width and spoke holes for my bike. The wheels are fairly priced, but do not come with spokes or hubs. Can I use my stock spokes and just lace the stock ones onto the new excel rims? Or do I have to buy Buchanon spokes/nipples? If so, where can I find spokes to fit my CRF150 that are made for the 17" excel rim? Ive searched and havnt had any luck. Thanks, Mike.
  2. RicerX

    Wheel size for SM...

    Thanks...Pro Cycle is exactly the site I was looking for. Looks like the easy way is also the most expensive. Either way, I didnt realize supermoto wheels were so expensive. Sucks. Oh well...I guess it'll be worth it...when I save up enough money anyway.
  3. RicerX

    Wheel size for SM...

    Thanks for all the info. Very informative. Another quick question though...Ive noticed some posts in classifieds that say "SM rims off YZ"...does this mean that the SM wheels will only fit on a Yamaha hub? Or are they interchangeable? Will it fit my CRF?
  4. RicerX

    Wheel size for SM...

    Hey, Im a newb to SM, and I just picked up my first bike yesterday. 2005 Honda CRF150. I probably wont be doing right away, but I was curious as to wheel size. It came with stock 19's front, and 16's rear. Just from fartin around online ive noticed that everyone goes with a 17 front and rear for SM? Is this right? What exact rims size should I be looking for (width), and if I need a wider than stock back rim, what kind of modifications will be need to be done to the swingarm (if any). Ive checked a few prices on complete 17-inch supermoto wheel sets, and they are freakin expensive. Any cheaper alternatives? Also, what type of brake upgrades are generally done to CRF150's? I dont plan on racing competitively, I just wanna goof around on this thing in my neighboorhood and maybe on some local tracks. Thanks, -Mike.
  5. RicerX

    Looking to start motarding

    Thanks for the input Skidooboy... Im not looking into getting serious into tarding, its going to be purely for shits and giggles. I want to go completely street, and I doubt I will be doing many track days. I actually originally began the idea of getting a pit bikes, just for fartin around my neigboorhood...but then I saw motarded bike and had to have one. And Im actually looking for something alittle smaller to begin with...85cc to 150cc.
  6. RicerX

    Looking to start motarding

    Hey all, Im shopping for my first beginner's dirtbike to motard. Im not looking to competitively race, but only to screw around in neigborhoods and maybe small tracks. Im 5'10 and 160 lbs. Ive been torn between the "race ready" Chinese knock-offs that are relatively inexpensive versus the tested and true quality Japanese bikes (that are about the same price as the knock offs, but are stock). As far as motor type, 4 stroke or 2 stroke, what bikes are prefered for motarding/supermoto? Im currently looking at some Honda CRF's and XR's...but then I saw some great deals on Suzuki RM's. So I was kinda wondering as to the benefits of 2/4 strokes when it come to motarding...does it even matter? Just rider preference as far as power delivery? I know this whole thread is beating a dead horse, but Ive done my research and still need some reassuring word from experienced motarders/supercrossers. Is it worth paying alittle extra money to get a Japanese bike and adding stuff to it? Any input would be greatly apprietiated. Thanks, Mike.
  7. RicerX

    Im a rookie-lookin for a first good pit bike

    Um, I think you just answered your own question. Its a SSR 125 pit bike.
  8. RicerX

    Sikk vs. Pitster

    Thanks for all the input guys. Ill be deciding soon.
  9. RicerX

    Sikk vs. Pitster

    Hey, I know all of you experienced pit bikers are probably all sick and tired of seeing thread topics like this one...but please bare with me for this thread. Im new to the pit bike scene...and ive done alittle research. Firstly, Ive decided to go with a Chinese made knock off pit bike. Im not looking to do major performance upgrades or race competitively...so a semi-race ready knock will do it for me. I want to spend around $1500, and the two bikes im inbetween are: 1) SikkMX 125 Mini Motard Bike ($1299) 2) PITSTER PRO 125x ($1549) I really like the Sikk because it comes with mini motard tires on it already. I realize I can always throw motard tires on the Pitster, but thats more money to spend and the Pitster is already more expensive than the Sikk. I noticed the specs and stats on the motor and tranny are pretty much identical. The main difference I saw was that the Sikk has 10" front and rear wheels, while the Pitster has 12" front, 10" rear. What do you all think? Is there a better QUALITY bike out of these two? I obviously want a bike that is going to give me the best value/quality for my money. Which should I go with? Thanks for any input. -Mike.
  10. RicerX

    Thinking About Selling my 2006 Pitster Pro125x

    Im interested. But same issue with shipping...Im in Tampa, Florida. How much would it be to ship it cross country? How much would you want for it?
  11. RicerX

    cops suck!!!1

    Well, not on a dirt bike. But uncountable times on my sportbike... Usually the same thing happens everytime...the cop realizes that by the time he decides to chase me Im already doing 170+ and Im already a mile down the interstate and exited off at a gas station enjoying a cup of coffee.
  12. RicerX


    Damn, why's it gotta be a "chink" bike? Would a Harley be considered a "cracker" bike? How about a African made bike, a "&%$#@!" bike? So let me guess, Honda's are "slant eyed, chop-stick usin' Jap" bikes right? Am I getting the hang of this? Support what you support, but do we have to offend people's culture while we're at it?
  13. RicerX

    Maintenance/Parts for Thumpstars

    Thanks for all the info guys.
  14. RicerX

    Thumpstar 125 Pro / The U.P.C XSI Pro

    Wow...great info and advice guys. I really apprietiate all the input. Im a real noobie to this scene, and it looks like a lot of fun. But for now...since I already have so much time and money invested into my sportbike, Im probably gonna go with a Thumpstar or Sikk. I dont want to do much modifying, and Im not looking to build a super fiddy racer for competing other people. I basically just want a toy to fool around on... Thanks again. -Mike.
  15. Newbee here... Quick question (sorry if it's already been asked, but Im feeling a little lazy and I dont want to do a search). Im shopping around for my first pit bike. I've found a few Thumpstars that I like. However, since they are kinda "generic", I was wondering where do all of you Thumpstar owners get your replacement parts? Like oil filters, air filters, foot pegs, etc., etc. Basically anything that's gonna break if the bike is crashed or anything that is general maintenance on the bike. Do you order it from some online store, ebay, or just custom fit Honda parts? Just curious...because I dont want to buy a bike I cant get parts for. Thanks, Mike.