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  1. shanedut

    Paddle for YZ426... What size

    I personally like the 8 paddles but you could probably run a 10 paddle might take some hp away. With that 13/50 gearing you might have to get a longer chain so you don't have any rub on your swing arm depending on the paddle you run. I know I switch chains just cause I normally run O-ring chains but have ruined a few of them in the sand, mostly from not making sure they were lubed good. So now I run non o-ring chains in the sand.
  2. shanedut

    Rear Wheel Sizing?

    The rear wheel will fit off of the 2005 450f but the rim will be a 19" instead of the 18" rear wheel. The 450 rim will be wider also 2.15" instead of 1.85. It will still fit the bike though and you can always change the rim if you want i run the 2.15 rim on my yz250f and step up the tire size to what the 450s com stock with. Now i believe if you want a new front wheel it will have to be for 2006-07 and newer. Just for your info the 2000 426f rims also are the same too.
  3. check with a voltmeter or test light on the back of your truck and make sure you have 12v coming out on the hot leg. On the cover of your 7pin it should give you a diagram of what is what on it and i believe with dodges its the bottom right pin that should be 12v. If there isn't voltage there you probably have a blown fuse. If there is then you will have to trace it through your trailer and find out where the voltage is lost. Good luck
  4. shanedut

    Tires for rocky trails

    I'm running Maxxis ST tires on the front or Dunlop 755 or 756's. As for the rear I only run Maxxis ITs. They are a harder tire that works great on all kinds of terains for me. I run 110/100-19's on both my 250f and 450f.
  5. shanedut

    new 07 hard to start. How to kick a thumper

    I would say that your jetting is probably off. My 07 was hard to start too when i got it. I put a 45 pj in 168 mj and #40 leak jet along with a wired ap arm. That made all the difference. But thats for 4500ft too. When you start them when their cold give the bike two quick throttle blips and then try starting it. If the bike is warm you may or may not need the hot start it seems to depend on the bike. If you stall or crash it you will probably need to use the hot start. If you look in the jetting forum you can find out how to tune your pilot circuit and that should help start the bike easier. My 250f starts first kick cold or hot.
  6. shanedut

    01 yzf426 Storage Questions

    Seeing how its only for 2 months I wouldnt worry too much about it but i always like to leave mine stored with the piston at tdc. Just to relieve pressure on the valve springs.
  7. shanedut

    426 carb problem

    When i did the bk mod to my bike i had to go up one size on the pilot jet too so if all the other things are ok i would start with the jetting. Start with your fuel screw and slowly turn it out if you get it out more than 2.5 turns and its still popping go up one size on the pilot and try again.
  8. shanedut

    yz250f jetting problems

    It would help to know what your altitude and temp you are riding in to help but a 190mj seems high to me. Have you adjusted your fuel screw and cleaned out your carb?
  9. The blue wires for yz's and the grey wires for the wr's i believe. I would say just the fact that the bike came from Seattle that your jetting especially on the pilot is off. Also have you tried adjusting the fuel screw on your bike that might help it out. The fact that you couldnt start it with the hot start button after it was warmed up makes me think your a little lean on the pilot. Which is why it started with the choke on. It probably makes it a pain to start cold too. Like people have said before take the carb off clean it and get the jetting specks.
  10. shanedut

    How To Identify a 426 engine

    It may fit in the frame but i would think that the motor mounts might be different especially the one on the top of the motor. But i dont know for sure.
  11. shanedut

    426 Starting

    Another good one that tells you about starting procedures and other helpful tips is http://www.thumperfaq.com
  12. shanedut

    2007 Yamaha YZ250F Front forks

    The best way i have found to clean the fork seals out is to slide the dust cover down. Put one wrap of electrical tape as close to the seal as possible and push the forks down a few times. Then take the tape off and clean it really good so its not sticky where the tape is otherwise dirt will stick to it and you'll be doing it again. You can put a wrap on for the dust cover too. It works for awhile but you will still end up replacing the seal eventually.
  13. shanedut

    07 YZF250 leak jet

    I have a 60 in mine with an o-ring on the ap arm. It seemed to get rid of the bog.
  14. shanedut

    not what i wanted to find

    My guess is it could be the clutch. It also depends on how old your bike is too, how hard you ride it etc as to what it could be. Did you take a magnet to them to see if it was aluminum or steel. If the slivers were aluminum it would probably be from the clutch unless you have steel plates. I would look at the clutch first seeing how its relatively easy to get too and look at.
  15. shanedut

    Which Oil Do You Use?

    I too like the shell rotella or delo 400 either one for oil in my bikes i've run it in my 00 yz426 for 4 years now and no problems. But i change the oil after about 3 hrs anyways.