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    Chem-Dip, works great! Super toxic..

    If you dont like nasty chemicals, dont get into kart racing. You would not believe the stuff that some karters will use to prep tires....every now and then some engineer or chemist will get a hold of some chemicals that the general population cant buy and kick everybody's butt for a summer or two, and then we all have to find friends to get it for us! BTW, chem-dip softens tires pretty well. But it only works on dusty race tracks. lol
  2. nebraska400

    Engine noise,dealer says nothing wrong?

    if you have a weisco piston, itll make more noise than stock. It it a looser spec. than stock. It freked me out big time when I switched to a 426 jug with a wiesco piston. I got used to it...no probs yet ...of course, I dont know how loud yours is knocking...
  3. nebraska400

    My 756 has finally let me down

    maybe im crazy, but I had a 756 and a 739 this summer... The 756 goes away when its old and the conditions are perfect for it, but the 739 (although it isnt great new) seems to work about the same all the time, even as it wears. JMO. Im gonna get another 739 with a 755 front when this one is shot.
  4. nebraska400

    The Harley image......... Tough guys....

    Dont forget Harley riders (of course not all of them!) and their mullets! Does that come with the bike or is that what happens when you ride without a helmet? In seriousness, all ive ever had is a dirt bike. This winter im gonna start building a street bike, though. I will not, however, EVER cut my hair into a mullet or think that im tough just because I ride it! (that is, if it ever gets done!) They are all on two wheels, the whole harley trike deal is a whole different thread! Keep on ridin. We all got bikes to have fun, no matter where we ride them.
  5. nebraska400

    Totally funny post on the Cannondale forum

    I used the back button after "jive-izing" yahoo and then reading some threads on here. It reminded me to "get up on yahoo, right on! shopping" Laughed my butt off. Oh well, I guess I am easily amused, or its too late.
  6. nebraska400


    ive never thought of listening to music while i ride....probably because my taste in music tends to put a person to sleep before anything else. Doubtful that some Ben Harper or Jeff Buckley would make me ride any better. Maybe i need to get into some more angry music!
  7. nebraska400

    Well thats it,Im done

    I raced mx pro leval when I was in my late teens and early 20's. When I got married at 22 I thought that I would do the responsable thing, (get a real job and quit racing). So to fill my craving for riding.....I bought an IT-250 and went trail riding. While riding in the mountians of Colorado with a friend, He took a real easy slow speed crash, hit a rock with his head and broke his neck. He went through a couple of years of re-hab. Then went back to trail riding. I quit cold turkey!!! When I raced I accepted the risk. But I was not willing to accept that kind of risk just trail riding. Now in my late 40's I have 2 sons, And got back in it. The kids have a wr400 and a wr426, I have a wr250. I know the risks, But at this time of my life I am looking at what the sport can to for the relationship between a Dad and his son's. It is a coman intrest, and gives us quality time together!!!!!!! For me right now that fact alone is justifying the risk's.
  8. nebraska400

    acceleration whistle??

    Glad to know its not just my bike that does it. I once had a head gasket going out during a 100 mile cross crountry race. For about 10 miles it sounded just like my wr-250 does now. (then it got louder and quit)
  9. nebraska400

    Temp gauge?

    www.4cycle.com...goto the forums, then classifieds and then engine parts... there are even some for sale. Most karting loggers and tachs allow for different types of leads, for water, head, exhaust, etc. Hope this helps
  10. nebraska400

    Temp gauge?

    Check into karting products. There are about a million old "digatron" tach/CHT gauges. They sell at swap meets for 5 bucks, as they were they thing to have about 15 years ago. They arent to big to put on your bars, either. Just a thought... there are alot of karting companies that sell online.. arcracing.com comes to mind first. Hope this helps.
  11. nebraska400

    WR muffler on YZ

    misread [ May 02, 2002: Message edited by: nebraska400 ]
  12. nebraska400

    Thumper 4 sale

    check you pm. sounds like a heck of a bike.
  13. nebraska400

    fork cartridge

    I recently did the gold valve number on my forks, upon taking apart the cartridge and playing with the rebound stack, i see that the damper rod has a fair amount of rust on it. I put the rod on the lathe and cleaned the rust and polished it back up, however, there are still some relatively large pits on the rod, and the seal shows wear now. If i just go and replace the whole cartridge, will one off of a yz fit? and what model years should i look for? or just i just buy pieces for the thing and put it all together? If i do fix it and put it together, i may have to do some serious posting getting you suspension experts to help me fix what i messed up when playing with the valve stack thanks in advance. If i missed something in the archives, let me know, i dont want to beat a potential dead horse.
  14. nebraska400

    finally done!!

    Well, i bought a 98 wr this winter, I needed a project. I have since taken it down to the frame, re pwdercoated everyting that looked old, ported and polished the heads, got big intake valves, re timed it, about everything talked about here on the forum has been updated, replaced about every bearing and bushing on it, got a yz seat and ims tank from a fellow tter, race tech valves and, and i even powdercoated the swingarm black (i think it looks cool) etc... well, i rode it for the first time today....HOLY CRAP!! What a ride! The 755/756 tire combo is amazing and i had a blast. thanks for all your help, guys. anybody want to trade me a wr tank and seat for a yz tank? Now i need to find another wr for my dad, i am now a fan of the yamahas and will be for a long time. happy riding! thanks again!
  15. nebraska400

    new 01 yz426 gas tank for sale

    im interested if you still have them around, i sent you a PM, my email is there..thanks a ton