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  1. I have spent a long time looking around for an answer to this but no luck. I just took out my air box and replaced with a uni filter. It looks pretty sweet and i'm stooked to try it. Just wondering though, there was a tub that plugged into the side of the air box (which it then runs into a small box and then into the ignition case area. now that i have a foam air filter on i don't have anywhere to plug this tube and i dont know what it does. Is it the "crankcase vent" and i i should buy an external filter for it like this http://www.xr50.com/xr50/ap8mmcrvefi1.html ? If so, is it possible to run without a filter or will dirt be sucked in or gas and junk leak out or what? Im amazingly confused here and want to start this bike up. Thanks for your help! OH AND IS THIS THING A GOOD IDEA TO HAVE AS WELL? Or is it a rip off. "Keihin Carb Choke Plug" http://minibikeoutlet.com/parts/Intake%20&%20Carburetors/285.html
  2. GLChromeIce

    Sprockets Xr50

    How about 16/30? or is that too small in the back?
  3. GLChromeIce

    Sprockets Xr50

    So will MORE teeth deliver more speed, less power?... or will less teeth. ? or is it different in the front/back sprocket? if the more teeth=more speed, i was looking at these bad boys: 39 teeth
  4. GLChromeIce

    Sprockets Xr50

    I have a '05 Xr 50... Next year i will be living close to college and am going to be going to and from college on the 50 (dont worry it is only a couple blocks)... I got some street slicks and i am just wondering which SPROCKETS (+chain) i should get to maximize my speed (i shouldn't be needing hardly any power)... How many teeth should the front / back sprockets have for extra speed? ~thanx