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  1. Thanks for the info, sold the street bike(CB1), now I can start the project. I will do a search for this next question. Are the forks and shocks the same on the R and the X? Cheers.
  2. Hello, I have a couple ways to go..... Back ground: I have an 08 WR250R with 40kms on it. The bike is non-titled and is "OFF ROAD" only. I also have a 08 WR250X that is like new and insured. Goal: WR250R with a SM wheel kit for swap over. 70/30 : dirt/street Questions: 1) Do I part out the WRR and keep the dirt wheel set up for the WRX? 2) Do I create a non-plated WRX to sell to the SM race people...is there a demand for track only WRX ? Thanks in advance for any info. If I can re coupe $2000 for parting out the WRX WRR parts and end up with a WR250R insured that would be an ok solution. However, I like the idea of both wheel kits and swap over for the riding seasons. This way I would think of selling my street bike. Cheers,