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  1. i can not figure out how to bleed the thing. i bought the syringe that i'm supost to have. how just don't know how to do it. everytime i think i got it, i go for a ride and it want even move hardly
  2. i have been to Atlanta supercross five years in a row. Going to make it six straight after this year. It seems like it gets better every year. Watching supercross on TV is awesome but being there live is unbelievable.
  3. i have a FOX helmet and i love it. Mine was about $185
  4. Pretty Sweeeeeet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. does anybody know if they are coming out with any riding gear in 06.
  6. I have read alot of articles lately about 661, and I wanted to hear some feed back about the company. Any help would be great.
  7. both of these bikes are really good, it just depends on what color you want.
  8. i have heard from diffrent people that the kibble was a better valve. But i don't know. when i rebuilt my bike last time my mechanic told me to go with the kibble because they were better, but i didn't because i was scared of them being so new.
  9. please post again when u find out the problem.
  10. Did u go back and check the fuel cock. Make sure the fuel cock dosen't have any trash stuck on it. It sounds like some kinda of fuel problem. Could be just bad gas.
  11. i catch myself talking all the time. like " your doing great" CRAP that was stupid. THIS IS GOING TO HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. WOW!!!!! That's all you can say.
  13. Damon Huffman did ride that circuit for about 3 years i think. i would watch it on Speed Channel late at night.
  14. i would take it back first thing tomorrow. my dad as a RMZ 450 and he can't keep the front end down.