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  1. tony8a

    yz85 top end

    thanks to all replys! i will replace and add the hour meter (excellent advice)!
  2. tony8a

    yz85 top end

  3. tony8a

    yz85 top end

    02 purchased used...was serviced reguarly (i have some recipts none for top end though) starts pretty good has great power but i was wondering if i should rebuild top end for insurance and if i do should i replace piston or just gaskets? thanks!
  4. tony8a

    yz85 or ktm65??????????

    moto-dad, thanks for replying.... i agree w you... but i broke down and i bought a very clean 03 rm 65, this thing was extemely clean looks new for the age, and i got a great deal on it. i got him on it and he seems too perfect in size as i expected but he can control it better than the 85. i wanted him to be confident riding the 2 stroke w clutch without loosing confidence in his riding ability. i am pretty sure a couple of months and he will be done with it! oh well, i guess i will inherit a pit bike!
  5. i have a 11 yr old (short guy) 4ft7in...and i brought home a yz85 as a surprise!well after all said and done i was gonna let him take it for a spin and it just seems to fit him too big...he says it is ok...he can ride it....but i have to help him on and if he were to fall he might not be able to pick it back up much less start it..so i am thinking maybe a ktm 65....every thing else seems out of the question. what do you guys/gals think?