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  1. yea heres some more pics, i got the graphics from a local shop called trapani- you may be able to buy them but i doubt it ill get more pics soon
  2. yea pm me your info and we can ride some time
  3. yea ive been to all those tracks, rausche is only 2 hrs away- not too bad i was hopin to find some PSU riders or maybe nice backyard track
  4. yea i was checkin that site out earlier, im lookin more for mx tracks- i looked at all the mx tracks listed for pa and closest is about 1hr away so thats not bad-
  5. yea i live right off campus, i keep my bikes in storage right now any idea where he lives or how to get ahold of him??
  6. any one ride around here? just moved to school and havent found any riders