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  1. fatto2009

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    yep i got a 85 yz250
  2. fatto2009

    83 XR350 too heavy clutch?

    i have an xr350 83 model to ay and the clutch is also very hard to pull in i think its just positioning of the piviot points. to make it feel better we put the bike in gear and backed off the clutch till it grabed slightly when in gear and just tightend it till it wouldn't grab in gear. don't abuse the clutch it can fade ay
  3. fatto2009

    interchangable parts

    hey i was wondering if there was an interchangable part for the rear suspention and rear shock for a 1985yz250n
  4. fatto2009

    atc200 to xr200

    i was actuly wondering what parts i would need to convert the atc200e engine to a xr200 engine. sorry i didn't explain my self clearly enought
  5. fatto2009

    atc200 to xr200

    what part do i need to convert a 1982 aTC200e to a xr200
  6. fatto2009

    what would be advised

    thanx for the quick reply what sorta pipe would u recoment
  7. fatto2009

    what would be advised

    i have a 98 xr200 and am wondering what mods would be involved in making the motor have a chance in mx racing. i have also thought about putting the modifyed motor in a cr125 frame to get some deasent suspention what would be advised
  8. fatto2009

    xr350 cooling issues i think(help)

    thanx for the reply i'll have a look at it dont know if it had the sheild around the main jet
  9. i went out on a trip to some sand dunes on my xr350 83 model and like i would go over a really bumpy spot and the bike just lost all power like it would still idel but just had no power and run like a shower of shit but after a bit it would run good and strong no probs un till i got back into the bumpy spots help please
  10. fatto2009

    mod for a chappy 80

    has any one built there own powerpipes for there bikes if so can they post some pictures what other mods can be done, a chappe 80 is pritty much a pee wee motor but automatic thanx fatto
  11. fatto2009

    85' XL100 ignition

    u can put cdi on it if u want heres a site that u can have a look at http://www.btinternet.com/~jhpart/bkns125a.htm
  12. fatto2009

    1985 YZ250. What mods???

    hey i love the 85 bikes i got an old yz250n 85 x pitmans if got like a cut cat the only mods that are in it are the ones that pitmans put in it, it been ported to give a better bourd upper power this thing aint far behind the new 250. its awsom i dont know what the 85 yz's power was like before they ported it but it sure go's good now i got a set of m12 tyres on it and it still trenches in the dirt
  13. fatto2009

    How was the 1989 yz250?

    i got a 1985 YZ250 it flys the barrel been mildy ported but it go's roost every where. hey YZIPPY what sorta bike u got if its a 250 the old yz will give it a run for its money dont dis them
  14. fatto2009

    Oldie but goodie 86 KLR250

    my bike 52000 miles on the clock and it still runs as good as when it first come home
  15. fatto2009

    just how strong

    just how strong are the xr100 i'm looking at one i've heard that you can vale bounce they and they will keep going and if you where going to mod a xr100 what whould you put in it. would a stock xr100 beat a ttr125 thaks fatto