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  1. j_lauer

    Which Oils Are You Using ?

    So you guys are telling me that diesel oil works the best for our bikes? Hopefully this applies to my 05 TC250 too since I have many quarts of oil left over from my oil change on my truck. If diesel oil works so well then schaeffer's 9000 should be the best, I know it is for my truck. Thanks Guys Jeremy
  2. Thanks guys, I just picked up an 05 TC250 and want to do an oil change prior to and hard riding. Any place to pick up the filters and o-ring off the internet? Thanks again, Jeremy
  3. Anybody have the picture from the first post. The link is dead. Anyone have the part numbers for the filter and any cross reference numbers for after market filter? Thanks Jeremy
  4. j_lauer

    KLX140L Valves

    Just looking for someone with the procedure on the verification and adjustment of the valves. I have done it on our 110 couldn't be that much different, but need to verify it. Thanks Jeremy
  5. j_lauer

    KLX140L Valves

    Does anyone know where I could find the procedure to check and adjust the valves on the KLX140? I am at that point of checking the valves and changing the oil. Also what are some good cheap mod to improve the performance of these machines? My son loves this bike and really rips on it. Thanks for the help. Jeremy
  6. j_lauer

    Oil Filter KLX140L

    I have verified they use the same oil filter as an 04 KLX110. The parts manuals list the same numbers for the filter. Since I have 6 filters for our 110, this all works out. Hope this helps Jeremy
  7. j_lauer

    TC250 Idle Problem

    I will take a look at the JD kit. Thanks for all the great help. Jeremy
  8. j_lauer

    TC250 Idle Problem

    How hard is it to pull the carb off? I have had many others off with little trouble, this one seems to have many more cables. What would I run for main, pilot, and clip position with the JD kit? Does it spell it out in the instructions? I need to jet it for woods riding around sea level, Connecticut areas. Thanks for the help, Jeremy
  9. j_lauer

    TC250 Idle Problem

    Thanks Wang, I'll look into that on Monday and see if that helps. Jeremy
  10. j_lauer

    TC250 Idle Problem

    Thanks Coffee, I'll take a look at those. I think I'll also take the carb off and do a thorough cleaning just to make sure the jets aren't clogged. Thanks again, Jeremy
  11. j_lauer

    TC250 Idle Problem

    I recently picked up an 05 TC 250. The problem I am having is after the bike is hot. When I come to a stop, pull in the clutch to let it idle, it makes a pop sound and stalls. I am able to restart with the hot start button, but seem the button has to be out while running in case I need to stop for any reason. I am thinking there might be a problem with the carb, but have never seen this type of setup before. I have rebuilt many carbs for street bikes, but non like this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Jeremy
  12. j_lauer

    Thomaston Dam Rides

    What does the bike have to be registered as, since it is not a on/off road bike? Thanks Jeremy
  13. j_lauer

    larger battery?

    Thanks Coffee, I will look around and see if there is anything else I need. Need to do a little cleaning on the new bike and make sure there are no worn out parts. Thanks again Jeremy
  14. j_lauer

    larger battery?

    I didn't see any parts for Husqvarna, let alone batteries, maybe I'm looking in the wrong section. Do you know of any other site that sells husky parts? Thanks for your help Jeremy
  15. j_lauer

    larger battery?

    I know this is an old thread, but I just picked up my first Husky, 05 TC 250 and I might need a new battery. Is there a place Online to order parts ? Thanks Jeremy