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  1. WRfanatic

    is the 07 model really worth it??

    So I went from 03 WR250F to 06 WR450F mainly for more grunt in this CO altitude Now I feel I am riding top heavy pig Is the 07 WR450 much better ?
  2. WRfanatic

    Is there a big defference??

    I had a 03 WR250 which I rode extensively in GA and TN. I hadn't ridden dirtbikes for 20 years and was afraid of getting something too powerful for old dude. It was fine for the first year as I got back in the groove. I rode it for another couple years and had to "wring it's neck" to get the power I needed to ride aggressively. Then I moved to CO and felt like I was on a freakin 50cc minibike. It was so underpowered it was almost dangerous to ride. So I plopped down the money for a WR450 and this thing is better than sex. If you are worried about too much power - don't. Get the free mods done and get it tuned for your altitude, etc. Get them to tune it for better off idle response and all your dreams will be fulfilled.
  3. WRfanatic

    WR450F with aluminum frame

    looks like I need to pull the trigger and buy the 2006 before they switch to Aluminimum thanks for the valuable input PS............anybody know if the computer that comes with the 2006 is the TrailTech brand or ??????????
  4. WRfanatic

    WR450F with aluminum frame

    are you saying that the 2006 has a new CG or that the anticipated aluminum frame would have new CG? based on the other responses about aluminum frames in general maybe I should stick with steel frame
  5. so who can tell me if I should hold off buying a new WR450F until they switch to aluminum frame version they are now using on YZ I see 2006 is still tubular steel frame and just wondering if they switch to aluminum in 2007 or ?????