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  1. weary

    2007 drz400e

    Finally got here yesterday, bike shop left mine till last to put together so had to make the mechanic work back when he was supposed to go home at 3pm. I rode away about 5.30pm with it, was soo worried he was gonna do something wrong, since me and all the workers were waiting for him to finish, the workers finished work at 5pm but couldn't put yard bikes in shed until my bike was out of shed. Seems like he did a good job, since the bike rocks Thanks for the heads up Strollerking about the break in site, I've mostly stuck to advice...mostly. I did open the throttle up full yesterday arvo on the ride back home after about 15kms on odometer, and today I had to sit in traffic and do speed limit for a while, but 90% of the time I've been winding it up through the gears and decelerating through the gears, at about 70% power , sometimes bit more or less power. Bit worried about my little episode yesterday when I gave it full power in 3rd and 4th for a bit, doesn't seem to have hurt it though, because it runs beautifully. There about 75kms on the clock after day 1, can't wait for day 2. Was going to change oil and filter soonish, manual says first one at 5 hours, how many km's is that? maybe 300km's? Dunno about the yellow, I'm a auto spraypainter so I might give it a colour change.
  2. weary

    2007 drz400e

    Nice one Panaman! think not though. Thanks 10guy, I'll figure out what some of those things are tomorrow, spot the newbie. I hear ya strollerking.
  3. weary

    2007 drz400e

    Hi there, Ordered latest model last week and could be here tomorrow and in my shed by tomorrow night, yee haa. Any advice on de-restrictions i should do? Or any advice at all? Can't wait to get my hands on it instead of dreaming about it. Looking forward to participating in this cool forum/site in future.
  4. weary

    xr-250l latest model, suitable for me?

    Yeah right, surprised to hear that really. The seat height on the 06 model is 875mm, and I noticed that the XR400 and 650 models of previous years, they're seat heights are 930 to 935mm, and the 2001 WR426f has a seat height of 960mm. (do I get kicked out for mentioning WR's in this forum?) To be honest, since posting first question I'm thinking of getting an older model XR400 instead, and just paying the fine if I get pulled over. I was keen on the new 250L because it was in my price range for a brand new bike that I could ride around without worrying about the cops and because of the electric start, I'm really keen on the electric start and I'm hoping the older model 400's have it, anyone got one? Just don't want something too small for me, but I will probably test ride it when it finally gets here, I'm sure he said 4 weeks ago that it would be 2 weeks. Thanks for reply!
  5. weary

    xr-250l latest model, suitable for me?

    In Oz we have to get 250cc licence first, then 12months later you can apply for open licence. I just got my 250 licence 2 months ago and want a bike soon. I know the XR250l is gonna be a bit lame power wise, I was wondering if it would be too short for me.
  6. Hi there, Am thinking of buying latest xr-250l, which is supposed to arrive in perth in the near future. Salesman said around 8 to 9k would be the cost. I'm around 90kg and 185cm, I want to ride it to work and back, and hit the beach on the way home from time to time. I'm only licensed for 250 and don't really need the hassle of getting busted riding a 400 out of class. Do you think it will be big enough for me? Im not fat at all, just tall. Any comments welcome! Ta.