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  1. Hi I own a FE 390 and I would like to know how you can choose beetwen diferent maps (soft, advance etc) I have only 100 miles on my bike but I feel that the bike doesn't pull as hard as it shoulb be and I don't know if that is because I haven't break in the motor yet or the mapping is in "soft" Any ideas??? has anyone compare it to the 400 EXC?? thanks
  2. does any one knows where can I buy the AIS Kit for my 07 450? thanks
  3. Where can I buy the AIS removal kit for the WR 450 07??? thanks
  4. Hi, Does anyone knows if there is a electric start kit for the yzf???? 2006 Thanks
  5. Can you compare the power of this bike with a 200 EXC? How long do they take to brake in?